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Knowledge is Not Power!

Yes, that’s my position.

Knowledge is not power.

Just like a parked car isn’t fast…no matter what the logo on the front says.

Knowledge by itself is as powerless as any other thought or feeling which you may have that fails to motivate you.  It just isn’t powerful.

Until…You apply it!


Once knowledge is applied, it can be the most powerful force in the universe.  It can cause miraculous things to happen.  It can be utterly and completely transforming.  You can literally change your life by simply putting the things you know into practice.

So say it with me…Applied Knowledge is Power!

Makes a whole lot of sense, right?

So think about this: What is it that YOU know, but haven’t put into play yet in your life?  What is the one thing that you could apply today that would begin the process of changing your life for the better?

If you follow this blog then you know that you have within yourself all of the necessary tools to create the life of your dreams.  So what are you doing about it?

I want to throw out a challenge to you.

Take the time to think about something that you know to be true.  Something you believe with all of your heart and are convinced of with all of your mind, but that you have never actually tried to apply (for more than a day or two).

If you believe in the law of attraction for example, then start lining up with the things you would like to attract into your life.  You KNOW that if you quit, become negative or discouraged or start to whine about how the universe doesn’t like you, you’re only going to attract that garbage into your life.  So WHY would you go there?

Apply what you know!

If you believe in the power of positive thinking, why have you not applied it to every aspect of your life?  Being an optimist isn’t a part time gig!

You KNOW you feel better when you are smiling and laughing and spreading the love around to others…so why aren’t you doing that every day?

Nothing happens without action.  And as smart and wonderful and talented as you are, you’re completely powerless unless you decide to take what you know and make it what you are and what you do.

Figure out what it is you know you need to do.  Then go do it.  Starting now.

Power to the people!

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