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Judgment Call

It’s likely that there is no such thing as objective reality.  Okay, that was a little deep for the first sentence of the post, sorry about that, but hear me out…

chair in cornerEach of us sees everything in life just a little differently.  It makes sense because we are all totally unique.  Everything we observe or experience, we do so with our own subjectivity.  Meaning that everything in life is truly subjective, or slightly different for all, depending on who the observer might be.  How does that sound?  Probably even more crazy…

If you aren’t buying into this type of thinking, the first thought that may come to your mind is probably something like, “Look…there is a chair sitting there in that corner, and it doesn’t get much more objective than that!  There is a chair.  End of story.  Objective reality.”

I would suggest, however,  that each of us probably sees that chair in the corner a little differently, and it causes us to think of something in our minds that no one else thinks of when they look at that chair.  So I think that even something as seemingly “obvious” as a chair sitting in the corner of a room is still subject to interpretation.

Because of this, we are all coming at life from our own perspective.  We are all at different parts of the journey.  Hopefully growing and expanding, living and learning.

The reason I’m writing about this is because there are times when I notice people being extremely judgmental of others, and it always stops me in my tracks. I don’t think that it is any of our places to judge anyone.  I think it is rude, condescending, and uncalled for.  We’re all trying to figure our lives out, and the perspective we bring today may change based on our experience tomorrow.  And that’s okay!

Because we all have a different perspective, I think it’s far more valuable to share our experiences in the spirit of helping each other than it is to condemn those who don’t walk, talk, or act just like we do.  What do you think?

It seems to me that the value in life is in the living.  The experiences, the decisions, the consequences, the problems, solutions, laughter, joy, tears, love, pain, pleasure, etc.  That’s what shapes each of us and makes us who we are.  It’s also what makes life so amazing.  Turning the experiences we all share into some sort of game with a scoreboard and time limits to me is not just frustrating and wrong, but extremely counter productive.

Living lifeI think if we would focus our attention on being in touch with ourselves and doing the right thing in every moment, we would become shining examples to those who would observe us.  And being the type of example that other people aspire to is probably the greatest gift that any of us as humans can offer the rest of our fellow travelers.

The greatest teachers throughout the history of the world have put forth a pretty consistent message when it comes to what we should do to attain meaningful or purposeful lives.  Whether one seeks spiritual enlightenment or just contentment, the formula is amazingly similar.  Now I’m certainly not one of the great teachers, so I’ll just sum up the things I’ve read and studied, and break it down to four things that we can all work on to become better.  And by better I mean better parents, better friends, better husbands, better wives, better workers, better leaders, and so on.  You ready?  Here it goes…We need to practice love, forgiveness, faith, and patience.  And we should practice these first with ourselves, then with all others.

Love is really the force that drives everything.  If you can appreciate and love yourself for who you are and what you bring to the party, then you will attract love.  People will love you, and you will be able to spread that feeling and experience it yourself.  It all starts with you.  Write down the stuff that you really appreciate about yourself and look at the list once in a while.  I think you;ll find that you’re pretty awesome.

Forgiveness is also huge.  I’ve never really seen the point in holding grudges or feeling hatred.  In fact, ask yourself this question; when you hold a bad feeling in your heart about someone or you allow bitterness to fester over a certain situation, who does it hurt?  If you answered “only me”, you’re absolutely right.  Hatred, disdain, and anger are powerfully negative forces in our lives, and when we latch onto them, we’re in big trouble.  Whether we project these feelings or suppress them, the damage is real and it only manages to hurt the one who is feeling this way.  Just let it go, people!

Faith is crucial to us because it drives us toward our greatest goals.  It is that unwavering belief in the things that are not seen.  The dream that has not been realized, but the one that we are certain we will live to see.  It is hope and persistence rolled up into a nice package that can take us as far in life as we are willing to fully embrace it.

And finally, patience.  This is a biggie, too!  Learning to relax and trust in ourselves, in God, or in the Universe is the glue that holds it all together.  Without this peaceful confidence and ability to turn the end result over to a higher source, we will struggle to achieve everything.

I think that the immediate results we manifest in our lives come swiftly on the tail of our resolve to have indefinite patience.  That’s a thought I’ve been working on expressing…you can read it again if you like.  When we can honestly stop thinking or worrying about “how” things are going to happen and just know that they are going to happen, we can relax ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, and get on with living.

Anyway, that’s how I see it.

Reader Feedback

6 Responses to “Judgment Call”

  1. Great point of view! Wonderful post… I enjoyed reading every bit of it. Thanks

  2. Great post… thank you for it!

    I especially resonated with the part where you said, “We’re all trying to figure our lives out, and the perspective we bring today may change based on our experience tomorrow. And that’s okay!” Maybe if we could all remember that, we’d be a little less judgmental of others and of ourselves.

    Also, your writing reminded me of a great quote that I haven’t thought about in a while. It’s about setting your intentions and then letting go while the Universe works on bringing them to you…
    “HOW is none of my business.” – Edwene Gaines

    Take care! 🙂

  3. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Kathy – thank you and I’m thrilled to hear that. I hope you’ll check back often!

    Kelly – I love that quote…it’s so true! And I’m glad that you were able to relate to the post.


  4. What I find interesting about your post is that you are guiding the how with patience, forgiveness, love and faith.

    Two things came to mind when I read this post. All of the above words are action words. Including patience. Most often manifest on a gradient scale and miss the small parts that lead to the big picture. Once the thought is put into the Universe there are immediate results. It is the ability to see what it is and put it into action that makes the difference.

    You are absolutely right. Thinking and worry blocks the ability to see and know.


  5. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Thanks for the feedback, Sheila.

    I think action on all of our parts is crucial to growing and becoming the people we are suppose to be. And it is when the action is inspired, and we are following our hearts and passion, that it starts to “produce” the results we aspire to achieve.

    It’s a great formula…just the opposite of what most of us have been taught to believe…

  6. Great post, Mike. This does along with data shows that gossiping about someone will change how we view them (when we see them subsequently).

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