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“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains,

And we never even know we have the key”

– lyrics from “Already Gone” by The Eagles

One of the most liberating things you can ever do for yourself is acknowledge that you, and you alone, are ultimately responsible for your life.

It can be like the wake up call that starts the most incredible day of your life.

And the day that starts the journey toward everything you have ever dreamed of…

This is not to say that there haven’t been many influences on you, or that others have absolutely no responsibility in how your life has turned out to this point.  But, predominantly, it is YOUR life, and you are living with the consequences of YOUR decisions.  Your current financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual states are the direct result of the choices you have made, the people you have associated with, the places you have been, the books you have read, the advice that you have heeded, and the values you have tried to hold fast to.

Just out of curiosity, how’s it going?

Have you ever taken the time to stop and think about how you got wherever you happen to be?

Here’s an even tougher question to ask yourself; are you currently living the life that you want to live?

Once any of us can understand that not only are we responsible for where we currently find ourselves, but also for wherever it is we want to go, we will become completely empowered.  And that’s when we can start moving in the direction that we really want to.

Consider this; the only thing that is really holding you back from achieving anything you want or being anyone you want is YOU.

The limitations as to what you can accomplish, which you have accepted as truth, have become the barriers that are preventing you from getting beyond your current situation.  You are indeed shackled by your own willingness to settle.

If you have settled for anything other than your absolute best to this point, then it’s time to plan your escape.

Taking personal responsibility for your life needs to be combined with a willingness to push your boundaries, expand your comfort zone, and believe in your own ability to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

If the idea of finding out how far you can truly go sounds appealing to you, then you are primed and ready to make your move.

Someone once said that the only way to know how far you can go is to be willing to go too far.  I love that.  And I also believe that’s the absolute truth.

You can change your life if you can wrap your mind around the fact that it’s your life to change.  And if you believe in yourself, there’s nothing anyone else can say or do to stop you from achieving your goals.  By the way, it doesn’t have to be HUGE change right away.  You can start with small victories, but you can get anywhere you want if you’ll free your mind and free yourself…

Seriously, lose the chains!

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