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It’s Time to Travel Light

How’s your stress level?

If you’re like the rest of us, you could probably afford to let go of some of the stress in your life.

I’ve got a tip that I think will make all the difference in the world for you, but it’s going to require you to change the way you think a little bit.  I know, changing anything doesn’t really sound like much fun at first, but I assure you the payoff will be beyond fantastic.  Besides, if you keep doing what you’re doing…you’ll keep getting what you got.

So are you ready to try to shake things up a bit and lose some of that insanely heavy luggage you’re carrying around with you?  If so, read on…

The change in mindset that you’re going to want to apply to your life is going to sound pretty easy at first, however once you think about it for a bit, it’s going to sound darn near impossible. Weird, right?  The truth is, it’s nestled somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

Here it is:  You have to stop concerning yourself with the good opinion of others.  And by good opinion, I mean the things that other people think about you.  Now, before you get all fired up and say, that’s a dumb idea, because you have to have self respect and can’t disregard public opinion, otherwise you might soon be an outcast…hear me out.

luggageI don’t mean that you should stop being respectful, forget your manners, act like a fool, and never listen to any feedback, constructive or otherwise.  But what I do mean, is the closer you can get to not defining yourself by the standards that someone else sets, or associating your self-worth with the gossip or opinions of other people, the closer you will be to having peace in your life and eliminating about 95% of the self-induced stress that exists for you right now.

You may have heard someone say, what other people think of me is not my business.  I’m not sure who said that first, but not only is it kinda catchy, it’s got some staying power.  There’s truth in them there words!

There’s not a whole lot you can do about what somebody else thinks.  If you’re doing the best you can (and this is something that only you really know), then there’s no point in adding the pressure of making sure everyone in your world knows this.  Your charge is to keep moving forward, with confidence, and trust that the outcome of whatever it is you’re doing will be exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Nothing will take you off course faster than concerning yourself with the opinion of other people.  There is a lot of attention and energy that go into worrying what others will think of you.  And then you’re going to have to work hard on persuading or convincing them, which is taking you even further off course.  Pretty soon, you end up dancing to the music from the band that’s playing their song…not yours.

Someone once said, “I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody”

That’s so right on, it’s scary.  If you really want to relieve yourself of about 73 tons of the stress that is holding you back from achieving all kinds of wonderful and amazing things in your life, then let go of the deception that pleasing other people is what will make you happy.

Trying to make sure that everyone is happy with you, and everyone understands why you make the decisions you make, and everyone is on board with what you’re trying to accomplish, is like burying yourself beneath an almost suffocating pile of pressure and stress.  At some point, the unrealistic expectations become so heavy, you can’t dig yourself out.  And you, your dreams, your happiness, and your peace will never see the light of day.

Here’s another way to think about it; when you concern yourself with what others think, you end up working twice as hard at everything, since you’re now in essence, seeking the approval of two.  The more people you add to this equation, the more the stress compounds.  You can probably imagine how quickly this insane pressure starts to add up once it becomes important to you that your friends, your sister, your significant other, your kids, your boss, your co-workers, your doctor, or whoever else is out there that you deem a credible judge of your worthiness, is happy and on board with your every move.  Seriously, how have our heads not already exploded?

So take the pressure off of yourself.  Give the person in the mirror some much needed relief.  Don’t sweat the stuff other people think about.  Let that be the junk that fills their heads, you don’t have any room for those extra bags inside of yours!  You are too busy imagining the next great thing you’re going to do.

And believe me, when you start living your life filled with the purpose and passion that were you were born with, the people that you really care about…they’re going to be happier with you than you can imagine.  And you don’t have to worry about making sure that any of that happens!  It takes care of itself.

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