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It’s Time to Get Your Positive ON!

Everybody needs a little positive mojo in their life.  Even the most optimistic among us can use encouragement each day.  Let’s face it, the world can be a pretty negative place sometimes.

You may be one of those optimistic people who make the conscious decision each day to be positive.  If you are, I think that’s awesome, and I say congrats to you!  You might also stay focused on your goals most of the time.  If so, again, I say to you, I love it!

However, in the same breath, I would also tell you that you still need some of that positive reinforcement to counteract the negativity that you will likely face each day, each week, each month, etc.  The strongest among us can be weakened and even thrown entirely off track by the consistent negative beating we take each 24 hour period of our existence.

There are a lot of well-meaning people out there who have limited mindsets, some of them unknowingly, and they can throw a lot of bad energy your way every single day.  Then, there are the not-so-well-meaning people who just dump the negativity all over as many of the rest of us as they can.  It kinda sucks!

And because of this, you need to do whatever you can to remain focused and to keep your head in the game, as they say.

So here’s the good news…I have a couple of really cool ways for you to do just that!

First, if you have not joined the Habitual Victory community on Facebook…you need to do that.   It only requires you to “like” the page, and you’ll get plenty of positive quotes, suggestions, tips, insights and other great stuff to inspire and encourage you every single day.  Here’s the link: Habitual Victory on Facebook

I can tell you that my e-mail is literally flooded with messages about how helpful and inspirational the Facebook page has been for them in their lives.  It’s very humbling for me, but also amazingly encouraging.  See, it works both ways!  I am thrilled to bring so much positive energy to the day for so many people.  It’s what I’m most passionate about.  So, again, I encourage you to come over and join the rest of us who are movin’ and groovin’ to the beat of our own drum!

The other really awesome thing I want to throw out there for your consideration is signing up at the blog.  There’s a box on the upper right side of the blog that offers “Inspiration in Your Inbox” and a free e-book called “Stop Procrastinating Now”.  Put your name and e-mail in there, and you’ll be in business!

Inspiration In Your Inbox was something I created to have a more meaningful relationship with all of my readers.  It also offers insights, strategies, steps to success, stories, and plenty more on a weekly basis.  I don’t want to flood your inbox with messages, but I want to be as much of a success and life coach to you as I possibly can.

Here is a link to sign up: Habitual Victory Membership

Occasionally, I will throw out an offer to you in those e-mails as well.  For example, I will update you when I have a new book, and offer anything that I produce at a discounted rate to anyone who is a member.  My mom just finished an e- book about her experience as an Alzheimer’s Disease care giver for her own mother.  I included a link to that book in my last e-mail.  I’m not really an internet marketer, meaning that my goal is not to make as much money as I possibly can off of everyone who happens to be on my e-mail chain.  What I am interested in, and totally passionate about, is making sure that I’m using all of my talent and ability to make a difference in as many lives as I possible can while I’m here on the planet!

I’ve been working on a life and success coaching program, and have received some outstanding feedback from any of you as to what you’re truly looking for from a coach.  If any more of you would like to make suggestions…and I mean about anything from topics that are most important to you, style of coaching you learn best from, whether you’d like to see videos or listen to audios, and what a program that was able to keep you energized, motivated, and would actually help you in your life might be worth to you on a monthly basis…please get me that information at

Join the community of Facebook for your daily dose of positive juice: Habitual Victory on Facebook

Sign up and become a member here at Habitual Victory and get even more meaningful info on a weekly basis: Inspiration In Your Inbox

Give me any and all feedback about what you’re looking for in a coach at this e-mail address:

My goal is to become everything YOU need in a life and success coach.  I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make the biggest difference for YOU in your real life!

So let me hear from you!

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