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It’s All About You

“In the high school halls, in the shopping malls, be cool or be cast out,

In the basement bars, in the backs of cars, conform or be cast out”

– lyrics from “Subdivisions” by Rush

The heavy burden to conform to the perceived  “norm” starts at a very early age for all of us.

Groups of kids band together, forming cliques with those whom they share the most in common with, and often, the most special or gifted of these individuals ends up standing out as so completely different from their peers, that they naturally become the target of the group’s jokes and other mean-spirited comments.

I really believe this is where the anchor of self doubt is set for a whole lot of us.  We begin to believe that being too different or too unique is a bad thing.  It can even bring back painful memories from our subconscious years later, when we consider taking a few steps out of the box, or venturing into some uncharted territory that none of our friends have ever been brave enough to wander into.

Because of this conditioning, it becomes a real tough task to simply let go and be ourselves.  What a bummer, right?

The truth is, instead of feeling lousy about being different, we should really be embracing that diversity, and seeking ways to use our unique gifts every single day.

You are the way you are for a wonderful and significant purpose.  Your calling is to become the greatest version of yourself that could possible exist.  All of those things you love and all of those dreams you have are for a very precise and equally remarkable reason.  (It’s all part of the cosmic plan!)

I won’t kid you…it takes supreme effort to break down those walls of self-doubt.  But I can tell you that you will be totally amazed at the difference you experience in your life when you stop fighting yourself, quit trying to be more like someone else, and begin to let the wonder of you shine through!

Maximizing your own strengths, and focusing on all of the talent that you do have is really the key to achieving at high levels and living a life filled with purpose.  When you focus on the things you’re not so good at, you really get knocked off track and can start to spin a little out of control.  You’ll never reach your full potential doing it that way, and you will probably always feel like you’re a step behind or in search of something.  There is, after all, a great void that’s created when you deny yourself the opportunity to follow your own heart and pursue your own dreams; when you turn your back on those things you are most passionate about or stop utilizing the wonderful talents that are hard-wired right into you.

Embrace the absolute perfection of YOU!  Get lost in how amazing and wonderful you are, and begin today living the life you were destined to.  You can do this by not allowing any distractions or negativity, or even those loud mouthed brats from the playgrounds of your past cloud your mind with doubt and fear.

The mistakes you make are lessons.  The failures you experience are like road signs that will point you toward your ultimate success.  Dust off, figure it out, and move on down the road!

It’s time to get out there and be the only person you really can be.  Be you.  It’s so cool to not conform…

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