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Inside Job

Well, we’re getting very close to that wondrous time of the year…you know, the part where it all ends.

Sometimes it’s tough to tell what people are more excited about; the current year ending or the new year beginning.  I guess it’s just semantics at this point.  So it’s time for a fresh start for all of us as we bid farewell to the old baggage…and it’s time to break out the list of New Year’s resolutions!  Yee haw!

I hear so many folks say that the year went by so fast, when it finally gets down to the last few days.  But, it really goes by just as fast or slow as any other year, and for every one of us.  It will likely feel a little different to each of us, depending on whether we invested our time or merely spent it.  If you invested your time in 2009, then you are certainly looking forward to 2010, so you can see the returns.  If you just spent most of your time in ’09, then it probably feels like it flew by, and you’re hoping that in this new year things will be much better.  Actually, things can be whatever you really want them to be.  And this can be the year that you genuinely make a difference.  You just have to know how to do it.  And it may not be what you’re thinking.  Read on.

Some people say that their resolution is to not have any more resolutions.  Sure that sounds funny, but I think resolutions are definitely worth having.  They are, by definition, a resolve or determination to do something.  I suppose that’s where the catch is, though.  After all,  if none of us ever do anything about these resolutions we make, then what good are they?

So, this year, how about if we resolve to actually resolve something?

Losing weight is a good one, if you need to shed a few pounds.  Of course if you don’t need to do that, then losing weight could be a really bad one.

Being a better person has a nice ring to it.  But it lacks that specificity which would allow you to hold yourself accountable.  Plus, how do you measure that?

Most of the things we think about “changing” or “doing better” have to do with the outside, or those things that everyone observes.  But, here’s a nice twist…how about resolving to change some things on the inside?  Ah ha…

This is really the kind of change that you should seek if you want to start squeezing all the best out of your life.

If you think about it, the inside is where the change that matters takes place, anyway.

For example, rather than put yourself on some crazy cabbage soup diet for 6 weeks…start seeing yourself as a wonderful person, who has value and so much to offer others, and start building your confidence from the inside.  You will consequently begin to do things that are going to  make you look better, too.  Including, laying off the cheese cake.  Maybe even exercising.  As a result of this, you’ll begin to lose weight, and it will be for all the right reasons. Try it.

If you want to be a better mom this year, then start thinking of yourself as the greatest mom in the world.  Change the vision that you have of yourself from the inside, and the habits will begin to follow.  Start the very first day and think, “what would the absolute best mother in the world do if she were in the situation that I’m in right now?”  Answer yourself…and then do it.  Follow this procedure for approximately three weeks, and you will have developed a habit of doing what the greatest mom in the world would do in any situation.  And at that point,  guess who that makes you?  That’s right…Super Mom!  Don’t believe me?  Then put it to the test.  You won’t be sorry.

In fact, whatever it is that you want to become this year…a better dad to your son, a better son to your father, a kinder friend, a more loving sister or brother, a more valuable co-worker, anything at all…you need to start by changing the stuff on the inside.  Change the way you see yourself, change your mindset, become that person by simply believing that you truly are that person.  Because that’s the truth of the matter.  You just haven’t realized it yet.

There is not much use in waiting for situations around you to change in order for you to become better.  You won’t realize your full potential in any aspect of your life until you change the way you think about yourself, and change the beliefs you have about what is possible in your life.

The beauty of life is in seeing the beauty.  The soundness of the resolution is in resolving it first in your mind, and then allowing it to happen.  Sounds a little crazy, right?  Well it’s not.  There are miracles all around you.   And one of the miracles is you.  That thinner or nicer or more giving or more compassionate or tougher you, already exists.  The change you want and need is right there for the taking.  So just take it already!

But remember that it starts on the inside, and it will  begin to take shape as you follow your intuition.  Once you have truly resolved to become the change that you seek, there is no one that can stop you.  That’s the wonder of the human spirit.

“All meaningful and lasting change starts first in your imagination and then works it’s way out.”

-Albert Einstein

If you read my stuff fairly often, then you know that Einstein is one of my all time favorites.  That particular quote really sums up the notion of changing first inside ourselves and then allowing that change to manifest in our lives.  You really do become what you think about most.

So…who are you and what are you doing that’s so darn important in 2010?  Figure it out, and make it happen!

Bottom’s up!

Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Inside Job”

  1. avatar Kat says:

    Wonderful post Mike,
    Simple and profound…
    Happy New Year and much success in all that you do.

  2. avatar Alex says:

    Thanks Mike – I’m new here and I was just writing a positive New Year piece for my blog and your email came in with more positive thoughts!

    I like the emphasis on the inner game of resolutions.

    Happy New Year!


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