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How’s Your ‘Tude?

You’ve heard “attitude is everything”, right?  Well, consider this twist, which is equally true:  Everything is attitude.

This past weekend I was with my family at Universal Studios in Hollywood and we had an absolute blast!  As you might imagine, we pretty much have a blast no matter what we’re doing.  And I guess that’s sort of the point I’m trying to make.  Everything we do in my family has a whole lot to do with our ‘tudes!

Your life can be incredibly fun, depending on what kind of attitude you bring to it.

In fact, two people can do exactly the same thing, at exactly the same time, in exactly the same place and still end up with two entirely different experiences.  One could be great and the other horrible.  And ultimately, the outcome will have absolutely everything to do with their attitude.

Getting back to Universal Studios…

One of the things we did that day was go on the new Simpsons Ride, which I must say is very original and a rip, roarin’ good time.  At least it was for us.

The “ride” itself is actually a motion simulator, but you get to experience being part of the storyline, and you feel like you’re in the cartoon.  Again…good times, people!  The car that you ride in seats four people in the front and four people in the back.  Me and my crew took the back and let another family grab the front seat.

So, at the end of the experience, much like other rides you have probably been on at amusement parks, they take your picture.

You know how they say “a picture is worth a thousand words”?  Well this one was worth at least three words…EVERYTHING IS ATTITUDE.

It looks like the people who were in front of us had one of the worst experiences of their lives.  In fact, they seem a little upset.  While the picture shows that the Shippey crew is in the back just having a BIG time.  I have literally laughed out loud at this photo for the past three days.  It is as funny as it is poignant.  But again, a perfect illustration of how the fun you have or the fun you don’t have depends entirely on how you act and react to whatever situation you are part of.

So what kind of attitude are you bringing to the party every day?

I’ll tell you something, if you don’t check to be sure that you’re in the right mindset and ready to experience the positive that life has to offer…you may end up having quite a few more of “those days” than the rest of us.  You also might find yourself in a funk, feeling blah, or not having a good time at all in your life….even on something as fun and crazy as the Simpsons Ride at Universal Studios!

Make the conscious decision to be positive each day and while you’re at it, make up your mind to laugh and enjoy every breath that you get.  You will not regret it.


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2 Responses to “How’s Your ‘Tude?”

  1. avatar Donald says:

    What a good example. Two people (or families) doing the EXACT same thing at the EXACT same time! Yet two totally different outcomes!

    I remind my kids to make the right choices, but also I think we all need to remember to make the right “attitude choice”!

    Choose Joy!

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Donald –
    Yes, it’s pretty amazing how two people can experience the exact same thing at the exact same time, but in an entirely different way…all based on attitude.

    We can choose how we will react to situations or circumstances before they ever unfold. Because the truth is, our happiness, joy and positivity come from inside ourselves, and they’re not affected by the outside world, unless we allow it to push us around.

    Thanks for the comments,

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