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Hit the Road

One of the best things you can do for yourself is get up and take a walk.

You can walk around the block, over to the park, to the grocery store, or just do some laps around your yard.  The important thing is that you’re up, you’re out, and you’re moving.  Just do it.

In fact, get up right now and go walk.  You can come back…this post will still be here waiting for you.  And you’ll feel better while you’re reading it.

Welcome back.

WalkThe thing about walking is that it does some really nice things for you.  For one, it keeps you active, even though it almost seems too easy to be categorized as exercise.  But think of it this way; if you were to walk for just 20 minutes a day, in six months you would have walked for 3,600 minutes or 60 hours.  Compare that to not walking at all.  Seems like exercise now, doesn’t it?

Also, it gets you outside, and your body will really appreciate that.  There’s something therapeutic about the great outdoors.  The fresh air, the fresh scenery, and the wonderful sights and sounds of real life are all good for your soul.

You can do it by yourself, which is a wonderful opportunity to recharge and realign, or if possible, you can grab a friend or loved one and make it a joint effort.  Walking with someone else can be a great way to connect and work in a nice conversation.  And of course, that’s a nice double whammy, since a meaningful conversation is another one of the things you can add to your day to make your life awesome.  If you missed it, read “Talk the Talk” HERE.

If you happen to have a dog, then you have a real edge on the rest of us.  Your canine partner is your daily reason to get out there and move the legs.  If you live near a beach or you’re close to some canyon trails, don’t miss the opportunity to see some of the awesome beauty of nature while you get out there and get your blood flowing.

An integral part of living your life with passion and purpose is to be sure you’re experiencing your life the way you were intended to.  Getting out and walking is one of the most effective ways to do this.  As nice and comfortable as the couch is, believe me, you were designed to soak in a lot more than the afternoon soaps or Sportscenter every day.

This isn’t to infer you can’t catch a little of the boob tube once in a while, of course you can, and that’s totally cool.  And I think everyone loves the feeling of a cozy place to hang your hat, so you should enjoy your crib.  But one thing you need to make part of your routine is getting up, getting outside and going for a walk.  Make it a daily thing.

You may find that you would rather walk for 30 minutes a day or 40…maybe once in the morning and once in the evening.  It can evolve into anything you would like it to.  The important thing is that you do it.

It’s the simplest way in the world to stay active and healthy.  And you’ll be thanking yourself next year that you started today.

Alright…if you slacked off earlier and didn’t take the walk, the post is over, so you need to hit it.  Enjoy…

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