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Happy New You!

Okay, I’m going to look ahead a little here…

It’s Wednesday morning, January 6th, 2010.  You’re just about settled back into whatever routine you were settled into before the holiday season started. You’re a little groggy…

Now it’s time to take stock.  You look for your list of New Year’s Resolutions.  You did make a list, right?  (If not, do that NOW…so this set up will be more meaningful to you)
You start at the top of your list:

  1. Lose that last 15 pounds
  2. Eat better
  3. Spend more time with my family
  4. Don’t stress out over the small stuff
  5. Be nicer to people
  6. Clean out the garage

You sigh, rather heavily, and ask yourself, “Where do I start?”

Fast forward to December 30th or so, 2010…you are sitting at a table in your house.  You are making a list.  You start to write, “1. Lose that last 15 pounds”…

Oh boy.

I’m pretty sure that you can relate to that scenario, and you probably could even picture yourself or feel yourself there, right?

Well, I’m not a professionally trained psychic, nor do I see specifically into your future…the reason that you can relate to it is because it is the same thing we all do every single year! The resolutions may not be exactly like the ones you have written down for yourself, but I bet they’re darn close!

And, hey, there is nothing wrong with any of those resolutions…in fact, I think they are fantastic at face value.  Here’s the $64,000 question though – have you done anything about them?  Have you accomplished any of them?  Is your life better now than it was 365 days ago because of specific action that you have taken?

If not, please read on.

There is a resolution that you can make, right now, for this year, which will absolutely trump all other resolutions.  In fact, if you will commit yourself to it, it will allow you to accomplish anything else that you would like to accomplish in your life.

It will never seem like a chore.  You will be in total control of it at all times.  And if you can stick with it, the results will be life transforming (for the good).

You ready?  Here it is…

Resolve yourself to be YOU.

That is your New Year’s Resolution to beat all New Year’s Resolutions.

Decide right now, that beginning on January 1st, 2010, and every day for the rest of my life, I am going to be the absolute best ME that I can possibly be!

Embrace yourself.  Fall in love with yourself. Appreciate yourself.  Become extraordinary.

You are totally unique.  There is no one else in the entire world that is like you.  You have talents and gifts and all sorts of wonderful quirks that make you the person that you are!  You are a soul, a being with a much greater purpose maybe than you have ever realized.  All of those thoughts and “crazy dreams” that you have…those are real.  Those are YOU!  You need to resolve yourself to be the best YOU that you can possibly be.

It is the closest thing to perfection that you will ever experience.

Listen to this quote:

“Insist on yourself.  Never imitate”  –Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love that!

You have to realize that the one thing you can do better than anyone who exists now, or anyone who has ever existed, is be YOURSELF.  And if you will commit to do that, untold happiness awaits you.

Only when any of us start trying to be something or someone that we are not, do we start to become stale, and burnt out, and well…generic.

Be NAME BRAND!  Be you!  After all, you’re the real deal!

And here’s the totally cool part…once you commit to being you, and you begin to love yourself, that love you have in your heat will spill over.  You will be impacting the lives of those you care most about, and in the most meaningful ways.  AND…you will naturally start to do some of the very things that you had on that old list.

The greatest version of you that exists is one that feels great, and looks great, and IS great.  If that stubborn 15 pounds of flabby needs to go away…it will go away, and it will do that because you have become conscious of taking care of yourself the right way.  You will start to make better choices instinctively.

At your core, you know what you need. Begin to work on this and stay focused, and every day that you do, you will be getting closer to making some of those “crazy dreams”’ come true.

2010 can be the start of something wonderful.

As far as I’m concerned…I’m committed to make this blog site a place where you can come to be inspired, find encouragement, and learn things you can apply to your life in order to become the very best you that you can possibly be.

Alright.  So now I’m going to go get ready for a New Year’s Eve party…maybe the best one ever.

Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Happy New You!”

  1. avatar Gini says:

    Thanks for this! It is awesome to read such inspirational words on the eve of the next day of the rest of my life. Things are always changing and it is not always the easiest task to hold onto YOU. I hope you and your family have a wonderful 2010. Keep being YOU, Mike. You are ONE OF A KIND.

    Take care,Gini

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Gini –
    Thanks for the comment. I am thrilled that you found this post to be inspiring.
    Thank you for the kind words…I will definitely continue to be ME…it’s really all I know how to be! Ha.
    Happy 2010.

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