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Good Fortune

I had lunch with my wife today at this cozy little Chinese restaurant that we like.  It was really peaceful in there today…very quiet…and the food was fantastic, like always.

So at the end of the meal we like to open our fortune cookies and read them out loud, imagining that the message inside is something that will play out for us in some meaningful way that day.  It’s our thing…kinda silly…but it makes the whole process more fun.

Hers said, “Happiness is trying to find you.  Look around”.

Mine said, “The biggest mistake a man can make is being afraid to make one”.

My first thought was, “Alright!  There’s two really good blog posts!”

So, we’ll go ahead and start with the latter.  The biggest mistake a man can make is being afraid to make one.

That statement, or fortune in this case, is so profound and powerful that it almost seems like something we should be teaching in schools.  It should be something that all of us learn at a very early age.  It would go such a long way toward removing the negativity and limited mindsets that exist in our culture to such a staggering degree.

If you were to stop and think about all of the things that you wish you had done in life, I would be wiling to bet that the reason you didn’t get around to them yet has something to do with the fear of failure.  It’s a very real fear, and it can be absolutely paralyzing.  Not only will it stop you in your tracks, but it will prevent you from venturing out and taking any risks in your life.

Now usually when you think of risk, you think of the stock market, or gambling, or some extreme chance that a person would take, knowing that there is a great likelihood of losing something significant.  That’s not the type of risk that I’m really thinking of.

The risk that I’m talking about involves putting your fears of “failing” aside and taking steps toward accomplishing something big in your life.  Because “failing” when you are pursuing your dreams is really just a matter of perspective.  Any person who has ever accomplished anything meaningful will tell you that failure is actually a big part of success.  It is the learning and the growing that any of us must do before we arrive at another level.

You certainly don’t have to take any bold steps, but you really were born to take them.  And if the reason you’re not pursuing your true desires is because you are afraid of making a mistake, then you will never grow to the degree that you need to in order to become a complete person and carry out your purpose.

Remember, the lessons you learn along the way, and the refining of your efforts are the most valuable parts of your entire life experience…it is also what most people interpret as failing.  When the truth is, you only fail when you quit trying or accept defeat as reality.  All of the mistakes in the world may be leading you toward the greatest accomplishment of your life, and maybe even one that will ultimately benefit mankind!  The light bulb comes to mind when I think of “failing” many times before succeeding.

What would you do if you believed you could do anything?  Do that!

Where would you go if you thought you could go anywhere?  Go there.

Who would you become if you knew there were no limits to the possibilities?  Become that person.

If you want life to become something other than a totally safe play, where you never venture out of your comfort zone, then DO these things!  GO to these places!  Become the person you are suppose to become!  Challenge yourself right now to make it happen.  No one can make it happen for you, and no one will ever push you to make it happen for yourself.  It is honestly all about YOU.

Here’s a saying that I love but have never found in a cookie:

“A ship in the harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were made for’

Bon voyage!

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