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Go With It

Your intuition is there for a reason.  Go with it!  Follow your instincts, trust your gut.  Seriously, you got this stuff!

Life is about choices and decisions, thoughts and actions; and you come with your very own personal guidance system to get you through all of it.  Cool, eh?  It’s very cool.  As long as you’re using it.

Will you always be right?  Nope.  Will you make mistakes?  Yup.

Go With ItThere isn’t a better way to learn in this life than figuring out how not to do things.  The reason you want to listen to yourself and do what feels right in the moment, is so you can start gathering some evidence and information.  Sort of like building a list of “recently visited addresses” in that internal GPS of yours.  Once you’ve acted upon your instincts a whole bunch of times, you’ll start to learn when and how to listen to yourself, and you’ll begin to make better and more productive decisions.  Again, like learning the best routes to your favorite places…without having to use a map!

The guidance system that is your intuition is as unique as you are.  And it will speak to you, sometimes silently, and sometimes that silence will be screaming.  It might nudge you to take a certain path home while driving home one night, or invite a particular friend to a fun little gathering.  Then, you may later find that the way you usually drive home was blocked off due to a horrible accident.  An accident which you either would have been seriously delayed by, or worse, maybe part of.  And perhaps you will learn that your friend ended up meeting their future spouse at the party you forced them to go to!  Crazy stuff like that.

You can only start to get a real feel for who you are by learning to believe in yourself and then trusting that your instincts are sound.  They are.  You just have to trust them.

How many times have you doubted yourself and done something other than what you felt you should?  I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you thought,  “I knew I should have done that!”  But for some reason that seemed logical to you at the time, you didn’t.

Regret stinks.  It’s worse than failing.  At least when you trust yourself and make a decision based on your own gut feeling, you’re giving it a shot.  You really don’t want to put yourself in that lousy position of never knowing what could have happened had you just done what you knew you should have.  So…do it!

You’ll start to get a much better feel for your life and you’ll also begin building real confidence.

Like I said, you got this.  Now go make some magic happen!

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