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Give It Away, Give It Away, Give It Away Now

You reap what you sow.

If there’s an easier way to sum up life on this planet, I haven’t heard it.  This is the ultimate law of the land.  You get what you give.  At work, at play, in relationships, and in every single part of your existence.

So here’s some more pay-it-forward mojo that will show up later for you in lots of magical ways…

Give away $20.

twentyDon’t just throw it in the trash though; I think you can see the symbolism there and how that one might come back to haunt you.

Give it to someone whom you feel may need it, or give it to a total stranger.  You can be anonymous or you can be shameless.  You might guess which I would suggest.

You can give $5 to four different people, $10 to two, or if you have a certain someone in mind, you can unload the whole enchilada in one place.

Be a little creative.  Something pretty cool that I tried once was putting a $1 bill under the windshield wipers of 20 different cars.  I hope everybody found them before they blew away, and I hope at least some of the people smiled and had a little renewed faith in humanity.  I know what you’re thinking…$1?  That will barely buy a pack of gum!  And I would say, yes, but it’s really about the act and not the amount.  If you’re able to and you feel led, you can certainly up the ante,  but the karma comes from taking the action.  It helps to keep the dinero in circulation, and also counts as a kind deed.  You get the double whammy.  Cosmic bonus points, if you will.

Donate to a charity, or contribute to someone’s online campaign.  Drop it by the school office, or buy a friend some lunch.  However you do it, just do it.  The act of giving is truly a blessed one, and you’ll feel better just knowing that you made someone else’s day.

If you turn turn this into something you do every week or every month, I can guarantee you that you’ll be paid back.  Maybe not in the exact dollar amount, although that or more is certainly possible, but certainly you’ll be the recipient of some of life’s invaluable and amazing blessings.

Give it a shot and let me hear about the creative ways you decide to do it.  And, of course everything’s better with a little enthusiasm, so have some fun.

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