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Get Really Good at Failing

A lot of people think that failure is the opposite of success. It’s not.

Failure is actually a big part of success. In fact, without failure, it’s likely that there will be no success.

That might not make much sense if you’re thinking of failure in terms of it being permanent. So I would challenge you to think of failure a little differently than you may have to this point. Failure is temporary, in the truest sense. It really only becomes permanent when you accept it as permanent and quit whatever it is you were doing.

Failure should be the great teacher in your life. When you mess up, fall short, stumble, or flat out fall on your face, you need to realize that you have uncovered a great opportunity for growth. Failure can point you toward success, if you’re open and willing to learn from it.

Now, failure can be a beast, for sure. And if you choose to accept it as the only possible outcome for anything you are trying to achieve, then it will be the deal breaker. It will be where your dreams and desires die. And at the point where you decide to stop trying, you will be sitting in that place that is the polar opposite of your own success. Not because of the failure itself, but because of your own attitude and action in light of the failure.

I like to think of failure as a sort of GPS system for our lives. If we are in fact on a journey, and we know the destination we’d like to arrive at, but we aren’t totally sure how we get there…wouldn’t it make sense to use a map of some kind?

Those times you fall short are like the road signs you might see on a highway as you travel across the country. They let you know how close or how far away you are from your end goal. If you choose to learn from your mistakes, and continue to push forward, it stands to reason that the more times you fail, the closer you are actually getting to your destination.

Failure leads to success.

If you want to become habitually successful in your life, learn how to be a great failure.

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One Response to “Get Really Good at Failing”

  1. avatar Melinda says:

    I have a great example of this from my 11 year old son’s life. He had a a lot of early success in photo competitions, taking loads of top prizes. Then in his fifth one he not only didn’t place, he didn’t even get blue ribbons, so his photos weren’t looked at for placement. He was so disappointed he wouldn’t look at the judging sheets for weeks, but then his mentor got him to read them with him. Because of that discussion, he entered his best set of photos ever in the next competition and placed really well. His mentor’s comment, “Success is a poor teacher.”

    So I agree with your post and thank you for sharing!

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