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First Things First

Okay, I want to jump right into this.

I talked about posting daily questions or challenges or thoughts that we could all apply to our own lives in the hope that those things would lead us to a place where we are all living with passion and purpose, and following our hearts to the truest extent of those words.  Of course this was really inspired by listening to all of the tributes to Steve Jobs in light of his passing from this world the other day.

If you didn’t read the post I’m referring to, you can check it out here, so you’ll know where I’m coming from with all of this – Let’s Die, Living

Okay, I figure the best place to start is at the beginning, so, if you’re up for it, here’s the first challenge:

Each day when you wake up, from now until that day that you don’t wake up anymore, start the day by being thankful that you have a day to start.

The first conscious thought that you need to train yourself to have, moving forward, is one of thankfulness for the life that you are still living.  By train yourself, I really mean put it into practice enough days in a row where it literally becomes a habit.  Science tells us that’s usually about 21 consecutive days.

Now, I’ve certainly started many days like this, and I’m sure you have, too.  The thing is, I really want it to become so habitual, that every single morning begins with that awesome sense of gratefulness and a desire to make the most out of the moments that unfold.  Strive to create excitement, and not fear, but reach for that feeling of urgency to live each moment with the zest that you would if you knew the day before you might be your last.

In my mind, finding that balance between the morbid thought of dying, and the realization that each day is, in fact, a wonderful and miraculous gift, will be the key to making this work for the greatest good.

I’m thinking the daily mantra can be something as simple as this; “I’m thankful this day that I have this day to be thankful for“.  And then add something really cool to it each morning like, “So, let’s do this thing!”

It can serve as both a wake up call, and a call to action.  A little self-motivation to get your positive mojo on.  I’m imagining that it will make that transition between the warm, comfortable covers and soft pillow to the cold floors of the bathroom or kitchen in the mornings much, much easier.  You might even stop to be thankful for those floors…

So what do you say?

I’m going all in, and I hope you’re with me.  Actually, I’m thankful that you’re with me.  Now…..let’s do thing thing!

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