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Fear, Itself

Fear sucks.

It paralyzes.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

It stops great things from happening.

It causes otherwise successful people to quit whatever they are pursuing or to not even muster the strength or courage to get started.

It’s a monster of the ugliest and most dangerous type.

Edmund Burke once said, “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing”.

I would say the same thing about fear.  In order for fear to grow legs and become real, we have to check out and do nothing.  If we are not conscious of our own resourcefulness, our own faith and belief, our own tenacity and ability to succeed, our own power...fear fills the void.

Some people are afraid of failure, and some fear success.  Many are afraid of humiliation or rejection.  Others fear that they are not smart enough or talented enough to do anything worthy.  And of course, once the fear becomes accepted as a reality, it scares us into a state where we become unmotivated and unable to move toward anything outside of a very cozy comfort zone.  The danger with this is that like everything else in nature, if we’re not growing…we’re dying.

Yes, alas, fear kills.

So how can any of us overcome fear?

First, by realizing that in and of itself, fear doesn’t even really have a core source.  It only exists in the absence of confidence.  It cultivates and grows when there is lack of knowledge of our own inner strength.  It’s like a lifeless parasite that only animates when we choose to lose focus, or fail to tap into the resources which exist inside of ourselves.

Once you realize that failure is not only temporary, but a necessary component in the process of achieving success, you can start to deflate the balloon of fear.  When you understand that you have the capacity to achieve anything you can imagine and focus on, you stick the pin right through it, and fear pops into a bunch of pieces, fizzling out before it hits the ground.

You have amazing talents and abilities.  Your inspired effort, when fueled with passion and purpose can take you as far as you want to go.

And fear can’t touch you when you are conscious of these great truths.

Your inner strength creates action that moves you toward achievement.  That action causes growth, and when you’re growing…you’re alive!  Fear has no hold on you.  It is an imaginary monster that has no place in the reality of your journey.

So when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt uttered those famous words that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, he was proclaiming a greater truth maybe than he even realized.

Fear can only exist when we allow it to; when we don’t engaged in our own lives, or aren’t tuned into our own strengths.

So look within, and discover the vast resources you have inside yourself.  I recommend you find 10 -15 minutes a day, at minimum, to get real still and real quiet and become acquainted with the awesome being that you are.

Fear sucks.  Confidence rules!

Reader Feedback

2 Responses to “Fear, Itself”

  1. Fantastic post, Mike!
    It is amazing how the anticipation of fear literally renders us impossible to move outside of its grasp!
    And, I love the Edmund Burke quote (three of my five kids went to the Edmund Burke school…)

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Roy –
    Thanks for the comments. That’s cool about your kids.

    What is truly amazing about fear to me, is that is can be so powerful without actually having a power source of its own…it literally lives because we allow it to.

    Tune into yourself and you turn the lights out on fear!

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