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Eviction Notice

It’s that time of the year, people…out with the old and in with the new!

2013So let’s get 2013 started the right way.

If you’re harboring any bitterness or anger or even hatred inside yourself because of something some numb skull did to you at the office, or maybe because of some silly comment your sister made about you in public…it’s time to cut it loose.  The old stuff has simply got to go.

It’s easy to take on the responsibility of lugging around negative thoughts and bad feelings.  In fact, it almost feels like your duty when you’ve been wronged.  Honestly though, the only person you hurt when you harbor this toxic emotion is you.  It makes no sense whatsoever to allow this type of poison to inhabit your system!

As much as we tend to think that holding onto the anger gives us some kind of edge over the person we’re angry at, it really only does one thing; make us angrier.  And as much as we think that the person who has offended us should be thinking about us and the horrific damage they’ve done to our ego, guess what?  They aren’t thinking about us at all.  They couldn’t care less.  In fact, the only thing keeping the bitterness alive is us, when we let it occupy our minds.

A wise friend once told me, offense is never given…offense is taken.  And if you’ve taken any, it’s a bad investment.  Toss it out like the nasty garbage that it truly is.

Allowing ugliness to stay in our hearts and minds is like letting a lousy tenant live in a house we own, rent free.  And this is not just any lousy tenant.  This is like one who absolutely wrecks the place.  One who ruins the furniture, doesn’t water the lawn, never cleans the bathroom…you get the picture.  So, instead of putting up with that kind of foolishness, and allowing any further damage, kick them out!

Fill the void with thoughts of forgiveness, and focus on the positive that exists in your life.  There’s plenty of it!  You just have to shift your attention.  Learn to love in spite of how others may choose to act.  There’s just no compelling reason to walk around with their dirty laundry.  If they want to be mean, spiteful, sneaky, rude, or even hateful, let them wallow in the mess they create.  You stay clean.

You’ll find that peace and happiness are much more likely to move in, once the other guys have hit the road.

So there it is, New Year’s Resolution #1:  Drop the negativity and bad feelings, and lose the drama.

Wow!  2013 is off to a positively smashing start!

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