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If you want to use the law of attraction to manifest your greatest life, here’s all you have to do:

First, be totally clear as to what you want to manifest.  Next, make sure that your end goal is the dominant thought that you hold in your conscious mind (but remember, your subconscious mind actually has more control than you are aware)…don’t focus on or think about what you don’t want…then, clear out any negative or limiting thought patterns or beliefs that you may or may not even know you have…visualize the end result clearly in your mind…believe that what you are manifesting has already come to pass…add emotion and feeling to your visualization…have faith that it will come to pass…let go of your desires…and finally, be open to receive the unlimited bounty of the universe.

That all sounded a little confusing, didn’t it?

And you know why?  Because it is a little confusing.  At least, at first.

Like any other process in this life, manifesting must be learned.  It must be understood, applied and practiced.  And practiced.  And practiced.

You’ve probably heard many “experts” tell you that manifesting is easy.  But the cold hard truth is that it’s really not easy, until you learn how to do it.

Take riding a bike, for example.  If you are an adult, chances are, you know how to ride a bike.  And the process is probably so simple to you that you almost can’t even explain to someone else how to do it.  You end up saying something like, “you just do it“.  Now, once you gave it some thought, you could definitely write out the steps one would take to learn to ride a bike.  In fact, you could probably write a book about it.  Maybe ten books.  And each book might make it sound easier and easier.  But the mechanics of riding a bike on paper doesn’t get it done.  Think about it…how does one really go about learning how to ride a bike?

No matter how perfectly a child or anyone else understands the process of riding a bike, and no matter how well they might be able to talk about it, they will never actually do it until they get their butts on the bike…try and fail…try and fail…try and fail…and, if they remain persistent, finally succeed.  Practice, practice, practice.

To me, this is a perfect analogy for how manifestation and the law of attraction is taught, and also why so many people are discouraged when they don’t get results quickly, easily and without much effort.  Manifestation has been presented as this magical, secret way to achieve success and happiness that bypasses real effort, patience, determination, and perseverance.

That’s crazy.

Getting back to the whole bike example; imagine if every child who ever wanted to learn to ride a bike was told how easy it would be and that they could do it mostly by just thinking about it.  How many disgruntled kids would there be walking everywhere they went?  They would probably feel like failures for not being able to ride the first time they tried and might even start to believe that riding a bike was not even possible.

Does that sound familiar?  Probably so, but hey, the purpose of this post is not to discourage you.  Quite the contrary…

Manifesting your best life is definitely possible.  In fact, if you will truly apply the formula for success, take appropriate action when you are inspired, and above all else, remain patient and persistent, you can achieve anything your heart desires.  But I’m here to tell you, it will take practice, practice and more practice.  You won’t be the Manifesting Master of the Universe the first time out.  Maybe not the first several times out.  But you will learn as you go and if you continue  to  stay with it and believe in yourself, you will learn how it all works.  Then it really will just become a matter of applying your experience and knowledge in the right way.

It will take serious effort, but once you have it.  You’ll always have it.

You haven’t forgotten how to ride a bike, right?

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