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Dream Big, Live Big

If you believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy, whatever you focus on with all of your mind and pursue with all of your heart, you will achieve.

I believe that to be the absolute truth.

I think that you can be whatever you want to be in this life.  You can do whatever you want to do, and you can have whatever you want to have.  You just have to believe that and be willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.

You’ve probably heard me write at least a few times about not quitting.  And that is my ultimate nutshell version of the formula for success.  Don’t quit!  As far as I can tell, it’s the one consistent piece of everyone’s blue print for success, at least to this point in human history.   There may be another way to get where you’re going, but if there is, I’m not aware of it.  Not quitting until you get there seems to be pretty fool proof!

I want to throw a couple of ideas at you that may help you wrap your mind around the whole process of succeeding in life.

The formula for success and manifesting your best life are really two different ways to describe the same course of action.  In other words, by sticking to a proven plan for succeeding, you will end up manifesting success.  And likewise, by consciously engaging in the proper techniques for manifestation, you will succeed in accomplishing your goal.

It is truly a perfect combination of dreaming and doing that makes amazing and miraculous things happen.

You must have a clear vision of where you want to end up.  If you are intending to manifest a huge house on a lake somewhere, you have to have a clear vision of what that looks like, and you have to start getting in touch with the feelings you believe to be best associated with having arrived at the place where that house is yours.

Then you have to start moving in a direction that you believe will get you there, and take some positive and inspired action steps every single day.

And, that house could come to you in any number of incredible and awesome ways.  You could inherit it from someone…you could win it in a contest…or you could arrive at a point in your life where you can just flat out buy it.  Until it actually happens, you won’t be totally positive as to how it’s going to happen.  You may have to increase your business in order to make the money necessary to buy it.  Or, you may be doing that thing you are so passionate about in life, and perhaps even for free, and because of the gifts you are giving back to the world, the world turns around and rewards you.  Someone is so inspired by you, for example, that they decide you should live in the house for as long as you need to in order to continue your life’s work.  That would be pretty cool, huh?

You just don’t know.

But I can tell you what you need to know.  And that is this: it won’t happen if all you do is sit around dreaming about it.

You have to be moving toward it with some action on your part.

Some would say that attaining things in life is more about allowing than trying, and I can certainly understand that belief.  In fact, I do think there is such thing as trying too hard.  It’s almost like trying to force destiny’s hand, when you really should just be focusing on the end-result, and taking steps each day that you believe are getting you closer to your ultimate goal.

I think you have to have the courage to believe in your dream, and you have to have the will to pursue it.  If you have both, your potential is limited only by what you choose to accept as limiting.  So, I say, dream big and live big.  It will be you at your best, all the time.

I found a cool little poem written by someone named Donna Levine that I think ties dreaming and doing together really nicely, so I thought I’d post it for you to read.  As you read it, remember that you can dream as big as you want…but you can also accomplish anything you want, no matter how big.  Enjoy and feel free to leave your comments below.

You Can Be Whatever You Want To Be

There is inside you

All of the potential

To be whatever you want to be;

All of the energy

To do whatever you want to do.

Imagine yourself as you would like to be,

Doing what you want to do,

And each day, take one step

Towards your dream.

And though at times it may seem

Too difficult to continue,

Hold on to your dream.

One morning you will awake to find

That you are the person you dreamed of,

Doing what you wanted to do,

Simply because you had the courage

To believe in your potential

And to hold on to your dream.

Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “Dream Big, Live Big”

  1. avatar michelle says:

    Yes. It is vital to get in alignment by feeling the feelings you will have when you realize your dreams. This is a very important part of the manifesting process.

    It takes some real concentrated thought and practice. And most of all – like the topic of your post – don’t give up.
    I found your blog through #blogboost. Thx for the inspiring post.

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Michelle – I agree with you. I think it takes just as much, if not more discipline to focus on the feelings in such a way that it creates significant results.

    Many see the manifesting process as an “easy way out”. And I think if anyone believes that they can just wish for things randomly, they will be surprised at how little anything changes.

    I’m glad you found the blog. I hope you’ll come back often.

    Take care

  3. avatar Jordan Tindall says:

    Good stuff right here.

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