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Don’t Just Think About it…Do It!

The power of the present moment.  It’s an amazing and wonderful thing.  If you can harness it, and direct it, you can achieve anything you want.  Learning to operate in the “now” is probably the single most liberating and powerful experience that you can have on this planet.

Nothing gets done unless it is acted upon “now”.  Think about it and you’ll understand it.

The only time you can ever do anything is right now.  In fact, your life is really a long series of “right now” moments.  If you can learn this and take advantage of it, you will accomplish miraculous things.  If you don’t, you’ll end up feeling like you never have enough time to accomplish anything and you’ll miss out on the joy of becoming your best self.

The thing is, most of us are far more familiar with the power of yesterday and the power of tomorrow.  And while yesterday and tomorrow do have a certain lure to them, their power is counter-productive to your success and will leave you with a whole lot to be desired.

The truth is that in our preoccupation to daydream about the future or dwell in the past, we end up missing out on the present; and since the present is the only time that we are truly alive, we miss out on our lives.  Ugghhh.  What a tragedy!

There is a power in the past or future…

In fact, that feeling of excitement that runs through you when you think about accomplishing a great task in the near future seems to be pretty motivating.  The crazy thing is, if you only experience the feeling and only hold to the vision, it is never going to get done.  In fact, with this approach you’re actually manifesting nothing.  The finished result will always stay at some point in time which in your future.  Hope will beget more hope.  Wishing will beget more wishing.  Anticipation will beget more anticipation.  And the thing is…nothing is getting accomplished!

It’s Procrastination 101.  Lose yourself in the past or future and lose your life.  Focus on things that are already done or things that haven’t been done and guess what?  You’re done!  Any thought that distracts you from the present moment for a significant period of time is costing you the only time you have.

I’m not suggesting that you should never think about the past.  I think that you absolutely need to reflect and consider the lessons that you have learned along your journey.  What I am suggesting though is that you have to actually do something with that knowledge.  And you have to do that in the present moment.  I’m also not saying that you shouldn’t have a vision of your future.  You need to have a plan.  But again, you have to start executing that plan if it ever going to become your reality.  And the only time you can do that is right now.

Taking action is the perfect prescription for getting rid of the blues, the blahs, defeat, procrastination, and a life filled with “what ifs”.  It is the exact opposite of failure.

I love the way Tony Robbins put it when he said, “the path to success is to take massive, determined action”.

Invest in yourself.  Invest in the now.  The rewards you reap will end up being even better than all those things you were just imagining while you were reading this.

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6 Responses to “Don’t Just Think About it…Do It!”

  1. avatar Deb says:

    Hi Mike,

    Seize the day! Great post and advice. For some reason it reminded me of the “album” by the Moody Blues, “Days of the Future Past.” Don’t get stuck there. LOL

    Thanks for sharing with us in the #blog30 Challenge!

  2. Inspiring as always Mike. I love your posts! <3 Maggie!

  3. Mike,

    Even though none of us would “intentionally” sign up for Procrastination 101 …

    Funny how we somehow find ourselves in the classroom anyway. 🙂

    I have this personal saying I pass along to others every chance I get: “All the yesterdays are cancelled checks.” It’s okay to examine your past if it will help you to map out a better future. Otherwise, let it be and let it go.

    Write on!

  4. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Deb –

    Yes! Absolutely, seize the day!

    Thanks so much for the comments, I love the Moody Blues reference.

    Let the blogging continue…

  5. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Maggie –
    I’m so glad that you liked it! I hope that you’ll keep coming back.

    Melanie –
    Not only have I spent time in that classroom…I’ve ended up staying after school before…not productive!
    Great saying, by the way.

  6. Love a fellow human being with a sense of humor, Mike.

    You’re unstoppable!!

    And I’ve stayed after school in Procrastination 101, too. Didn’t you see me there?!

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