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Do You Hear That?

I wanted to share something really cool with you tonight.

My son is featured in the new inspirational video by Dex Elliott Sanders, for his song, “Heard a Voice”, and I’d love for you to check it out.

Here’s the video link: HEARD A VOICE

Besides being proud of my son, I think it’s really a great song and a powerful video.  I hope that you’ll watch it and perhaps even leave a comment for Dex or show your support by “liking” it.  I really think it’s important that we share the great work of others who are out there following their hearts and looking to make a difference in the world.

Hey, Dex was also cool enough to include my wife and I in the video, playing our son’s parents.  (Honestly, we were kinda like naturals for those roles…ha!)  And I must tell you, we were honored to be part of such a cool project.

As far as the message goes, I absolutely love to hear someone talking about listening to that voice.  You know the one I mean.  That voice that comes from within and that you hear when you’re still and quiet.  The one that seeks to guide you and I and put us on the path to living our greatest life.

For me, that voice is God.  You may think of it as your highest self, the center of the universe, or perhaps as source energy.  In my opinion, we’re all talking about the same thing.  My personal belief is that God is everywhere and in everything, including each of us.  How you think of that voice, and what you call it is what matters to you.  And really, what matters to any of us and what ends up making the biggest impact is whether or not we’re listening to it on a consistent basis.  A lot of times the voice gets covered up by the noise and distraction of the circumstances around us.  Often, we find ourselves being defined by those things that unfold before us and we lose touch with that voice.

Here’s the thing…when the world outside of us starts becoming louder than the truth that exists on the inside, we’ve got to get real, stop ourselves, get quiet, be still, and LISTEN.  Those moments are where the true inspiration and motivation in life comes from.

Here’s a shout out to all of you who may feel that life is beating you up a little, or a lot, and that things seem almost too tough to bear.

Don’t quit.  Don’t lose faith or hope.  Don’t ever think that YOU are defined by what people say or by the circumstances that currently exist around you.  You have so much to offer this world, you have so much of life to LIVE.  You can change your circumstances, you can change the people you associate with.  It’s never too late to start becoming the person you were meant to be.  Remember that!

It takes time, for sure.  You can’t snap your fingers and magically make all that seems bad disappear, or mystically transform every person, place, and thing around you into the perfect version of your absolute perfect life.  It takes patience, commitment, will power, faith, and determination.  You also have to believe in yourself.  And that belief really starts with you listening to that voice.

You’re here for an awesome purpose.  You are incredibly significant.  There’s no reason for you to believe otherwise.

If you’ve been on the sideline, observing life for too long, then pull it together and get in the game!  If you find yourself bored because you’re not doing anything that you’re passionate about, get busy doing those things you love.  And if you feel like other people and other circumstances are dictating your existence, take control and follow your heart.  It’s YOUR life.  You need to get busy LIVING it.  And all the time, pay attention to that still small voice.  It knows the truth about you and the truth about your life.  It’s your built in GPS system and it will take you anywhere you want to go.  Your greatest life, the one you were born to live, is fueled by your faith and imagination, your persistence and vision, and your willingness to embrace it.  It’s the greatest gift you have ever received.  LISTEN to that voice.  And LIVE your life.

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