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Dig In and Dig It!

How would you like to take something that you’re already doing every single day,  maybe even three or four times a day, and turn it into an amazing experience that you’ll likely remember for a long time?

It’s going to sound really easy, and that’s because it is.  But as simple as it is to do, you’ve probably still missed all kinds of opportunities to do it!  Like three or four times a day since you were about three years old…

Okay, that’s the build up.

tasty mealSo here’s the thing you can do today that will make you feel fabulous and thankful, and which you can repeat as often as you wish to re-live it.  Are you ready?

Have a great meal, and truly enjoy it.  The emphasis being on enjoying it.

That’s right, it’s time for some you time!  You’ve heard of waking up and smelling the coffee haven’t you?  Well, you’re about to take it to a whole new level!

First, think about one of your favorite meals.  It could be anything from filet mignon to a carnival corn dog.  Just decide what you’d like to treat yourself to.  Make it fabulous…so if it’s a carnival corn dog, find a great carnival and make sure you get lots of mustard…

It’s more likely that your favorite meal will consist of a few courses, a nice beverage, and not come on a stick, but the point is, it needs to be one of your favorites.

Go hit one of your favorite restaurants, maybe a hot spot you’ve heard great things about, or cook it up for yourself at home.  Whatever you decide, make it a really cool undertaking from the get-go.

Now, when you sit down to eat, become conscious of the meal.  Savor every bite, chew slowly and appreciate the meal.

Seriously, how many times have you gone out to dinner or sat down for lunch and realized you were about to throw down on a major feast, and then before you even realized what happened, it was over?  You plowed through it so quickly or without even being aware, that you missed the tastiness of every bite.  Bummer, eh?

There’s an experience to be had with re-feuling the body and it would do you some good to make sure you get in on that experience every once in a while.

Feel the texture of the food as you chew it.  Don’t look at it as a race.  Find a magical delight in the bites you’re taking. Revel in the awesomeness that is this meal fit for a king or queen.

Okay, not only does it sound easy, but it sounds a little kooky, too, right?  So you’re going to have to trust me on this…and I’m telling you, you’re really gonna dig this little adventure.

It’s more than okay to treat yourself and it’s even better to relish in the moment…no pun intended.

Bon appétit!

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