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Dare to be Happy

be happyYou want happiness?  Then be happy!

One of the greatest discoveries you can make in all of life is that you are fully capable of being happy at any time and in any place just by deciding to be.  I often tell people to become conscious of their thoughts and feelings and if they don’t like them…simply change them.  Of course, just as often I get that “you must be crazy” look back from them.

But it’s true – You can become more positive right now, wherever you are just by making the decision to be.

Literally, it only takes a split second.  You say to yourself, “I am going to be positive” or “I am going to be happy” and as quickly as you decide and proclaim it…you are.  It’s miraculous!

Unfortunately, the vast majority of us have been conditioned to believe that circumstances have to be just right in order for us to change our moods, feelings, or thoughts.  We think things like, “As soon as I have that bill taken care of, then I’ll be happy” or “When we move into a nicer house, that’s when I’ll finally be content with my life!”  The problem with this belief system is that it just isn’t true.  You may pay off that bill, but there will be another one just as bothersome that makes you equally as cranky.  You may move to a nicer house, but then you’ll find out that your friend has a bigger and better one…with a pool and a tennis court!  Ughhh!  There’s really no escape from this cycle when you rely on “stuff” to determine how you will feel.

Circumstances or physical possessions should have absolutely nothing to do with how you feel, think, or act. In fact – it’s the exact opposite!  The way you think, feel and act should dictate how things are.

It doesn’t seem this way, I know.  It seems like we need things to be a certain way in order to feel a certain way.  But think about it – there is no magic in that scenario.  In that scenario, you are simply reacting, like a spectator would.  You’re watching your life go by, and deciding how to feel or act based on circumstances that you perceive to be completely out of your control.

The stone cold truth is this – Everything you need to be happy, positive, content, and at peace exists already…right there inside you…between your ears…in your mind!  And it is this ability to consciously alter your own thoughts and feelings that separate you from the rocks, plants, and other animals.  Well, that and your sweet hairdo…

And here is the truly amazing part that makes it all worth it; once you are consciously happy, content, and thankful, the “stuff” and the situations all start to take care of themselves.  As stated before…it’s miraculous.

Make the conscious decision to be happy and positive right now, wherever you are.  Do it every single day and you will transform your life.

Go ahead, try it, I dare you.

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3 Responses to “Dare to be Happy”

  1. avatar Heather Sellers says:

    I agree…you choose Happiness!! It’s not about being up all the time, rather being half full instead of half empty. I can’t be unhappy with a smile on my face!!! My grand-mother always said, “Sugar, it could always be worse”. She was right…Live, Love, and Laugh…with a smile!!!

  2. avatar MS says:

    Heather – thanks for the comment. If you think about it, love and laughter really do make for an awesome LIFE!

  3. Remember the Bob Marley song – “Don’t Worry Be Happy”. It caught on not only because of the catchy tune but because it is true.

    The smiley face is a universal symbol for the same reason.

    I was thinking about my little sister. She is always cheerful and spreads this cheer. She told me that sometimes she feels like she is just pretending and that cheerfulness was not her. I thought – but it is you! I always feel cheerful when I am around her.

    Sometimes we just have to mock it up to make it so.

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