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Counter Punch

You know, I got to thinking after yesterday’s post…

Another thing that a good punch in the face or a blast of adversity will do to you is WAKE YOU UP!

Oh, if you didn’t read the last post, you probably didn’t get the whole punch in the face thing.  Sorry about that.  If you would like to read it, it’s called New Plan and in it, I referenced mixed martial artist Mirko Cro Cop’s quote, “Everybody’s got a plan, until they get hit”.

I love the quote, not just because it’s great smack talk, but because it applies to our lives so well.  We all have plans, dreams, goals, and grand ideas, and as we set out on the journey to pursue them, at some point we get smacked.  Often, pretty hard.  Just like the greatest fighters still get hit, the most focused of all of us will still run into obstacles.

I think the challenges that we face in our lives are opportunities to grow.  They don’t always feel like it, though.  In fact, they mostly feel like a punch in the gut or a kick in the shins.  They hurt, and they can cause even the strongest minded among us to throw in the towel.

But why does this happen?

Like I said, I got to thinking about the whole idea of how getting hit really wakes us up.

It seems to me that these difficulties are life’s way of testing our faith and our determination.

Do we really want what we are going after?  Do we really believe that we can have it?  Are we willing to do whatever it takes?  A good solid punch, metaphorically speaking, is often the best way to get the answers to those questions.

Again, I love the parallel between our lives and two fighters in the ring.  The fighters have trained for months leading up to the fight, they have committed themselves to hours of rigorous physical conditioning and have thought of nothing more than coming out of the ring victorious over their opponent.  Both of them have their game plan.  Then the bout begins  and the first solid punch or kick lands.  Blam!  As quickly as it hits, one of the men is now forced to question his will.  Did that shot hurt too much?  Or is he willing to pursue victory in spite of the fact that he might get dented a few more times?

As we chase our dreams, are we willing to keep going no matter the cost?  Will a couple of lousy situations or some comments that people make be enough to cause us to doubt ourselves?  Will we give in at the first sign of adversity?  The second?  Will we stay down when we are defeated?

Or will we get up, keep pursuing, never stop and never rest until we have accomplished our task?

Just like getting your bell rung in a martial arts match makes you realize that you are in a fight, facing challenges and dealing with setbacks reminds you that you’re on the right path to achieving whatever it is you want.  The road is not an easy one, but if you stay the course, it always leads to success.

If you study the most successful people throughout history, you’ll find that they all had an unwavering belief in themselves and what they could accomplish and that they all had determination and will power that would not allow them to quit.

I would challenge you to step up in your life, like the fighter steps into the ring, and see what you’re truly made of.  Set your goals and your standards high and then dare to pursue them.

If you believe in yourself and believe that you are worthy, whatever you focus on with all of your mind and pursue with all of your heart, you will achieve.

No matter what hits you.

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