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Control Freak

You can react to any situation any way that you choose.

You can cry at a wedding or laugh at a funeral.  It’s  really up to you.

Once you realize this and start to put it into practice, it will empower you beyond belief.  In fact, it may be the single most valuable life lesson that exists, if it were possible to rank such things.

Not so you can start making scenes at memorial services, but so that you can demonstrate to yourself that outside circumstances and other people have no inherent right to dictate your mood, attitude, or to determine your quality of life at any given time.  It’s not up to everyone else.  It’s up to you!

A tough lesson, and one that, even when learned, requires focus and attention in order to make it work.

If you’re like most people, then your attitude, level of stress, joy, and quality of experience is based almost entirely on how the people around you act and talk.  If you are having to deal with a difficult person, it really brings you down.  A lot of people lose hours of valuable sleep and invest significant levels of emotion and energy in trying to fight this great fight against the negativity of others.

Energy vampires.  Life suckers.  Kill joys.  Party poopers.  Ass holes.  Really, you can call them whatever you want.  The fact is they’re real and they’re ready to take you completely off track in your life, if you allow yourself to be influenced by them.

Listen, the same terrible, negative, high maintenance drama queens and kings exist around all of us.  The same bad stuff, ranging from financial difficulties to lousy weather to terminal cancer in a friend or loved one reach out and touch all of us in some way, shape, or form.  You may even be the cancer patient yourself.  You may have lost your job, a home, your family, a friend, or your car.  You may be 35 pounds overweight and seriously out of shape.  All this crummy shit is part of the reality that exists in our world.  And in some cases, changing your perception or perspective doesn’t make the people, places, or things any different.

You can’t control some of the circumstances.  And you can’t control the other people.  You can only control YOU.

If you can learn to dig deep and make the necessary changes in yourself that will allow you to deal with the aforementioned butt heads, or navigate effectively around the circumstances, you will have taken a huge step toward loving and enjoying your life every single day.  It is YOURS, you know.  It’s your journey and it’s your experience.  Wouldn’t it stand to reason that you should have some control?  You have it alright. Freaky control!  The kind of control that will allow you to steer your ship in any direction you want it to go.  And you can sail as far as you’re willing to sail.

In the end, your destiny is really what you make it.  You can, without question, become the person you were meant to be, but only if you’re willing to become that person.  Otherwise, you’re like a tree flailing in the wind.  And to you I say, good luck.

Some believe in a master blue print, and that the grand plan will play out regardless of your own effort.  I don’t subscribe to that.  You have choice and you have will.  You have dreams and you have imagination.  You have passion and you have purpose.  You also have complete control.  I would challenge you to start using it.

Get to know yourself and begin to understand that you can truly change your world from the inside out.

Hey, start right now.  Cheers!

Reader Feedback

5 Responses to “Control Freak”

  1. avatar Madonna says:

    I know all that intellectually, but it is not all that easy when it comes to some things. Serious things. That’s why I still have to use an energy tool to change my mind.

    Great post Mike. Love your style.


  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    You’re so right, Madonna. It’s anything but easy, and in some cases, darn near impossible.

    Regarding matters that deal with others, I have found a great place to start is realizing that any hatred, bad energy, or retaliation ultimately and only ends up hurting us.

    Tragedy is a very difficult one to deal with. It’s really hard to see the “big picture” that we don’t necessarily relate to.

    However, beginning to understand that we do have control over ourselves and our reactions is definitely empowering, and like most things in life, the more we learn to use it, the better we can become at it.

    Thanks so much for visiting, I really appreciate your comments.


  3. avatar Jack V Sage says:

    This morning started with a call from my boss, asking me whether or not I remembered that my schedule had changed, and did I realize I was already supposed to be there. The answer, of course, was no, I was not aware of the change.

    I got agitated at first, because I take great pride in always being on time, giving 100 percent plus and I was totally embarrassed that I had dropped the ball. I even looked through my emails to verify the changes. Turns out I had not scrolled down far enough on the last schedule, and missed the change she referred to.

    I got to work within 30 minutes, shook myself into a positive mood and got the job done. My boss wound up allowing me to shift the hours so that I did not lose any time, and even offered me extra hours on our end-of-season push days between the 11th and 17th of April.

    Positive mindsets are a must in the business world! 🙂

  4. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Thanks for commenting, Jack!

    Mindset is everything! And it absolutely applies to the business world as well.

    I like the saying that goes something like, “10% of life is what happens, 90% is how we deal with it”.


  5. avatar Armi Niemi says:

    Great post! So powerful! Thank You! 🙂

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