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Confession of a Grateful Grandson

I have a confession to make.  And as a grown man, who is married and the father of two kids, this one is going to sound pretty sappy.  But, here it goes…

I miss my grandma.

Okay, I said it.  And I think I feel a little better getting it off my chest.  Now look, it’s as honest a confession as could ever be uttered, but I also feel like I’m taking a big chance by throwing it out there, since you readers may start thinking that I’m a bit of a softy.

That’s a big risk for a guy who considers himself a man’s man at the core!

But, so be it…

I miss my grandma.

If you’ve been following the blog for any length of time, you may remember a couple of posts where I talked about this extraordinary woman, who was one of the greatest sources of inspiration and influence in my life.  My grandma died in May of 2000, after having suffered through Alzheimer’s Disease.  And even as I write that, it’s hard for me to think that she’s been gone for almost eleven years!

If you’re curious and would like to read a bit more about her, I wrote about my grandma in a blog called The Grateful Life and I also posted the piece that I wrote for her in tribute the day after she passed away.  You can find it here at A Tribute to My Grandma.

So, today I caught myself remembering what it was like when she was around and I was a much younger dude.  I remember her contagious smile and her electric positive energy.  I also stopped to think of how thankful I am to have been lucky and blessed enough to have her as part of my journey here on earth.

She was one of the most remarkable people I have ever known.  I owe much of what I am today to the lessons and principles that she taught me.  And when I say “taught”, I mean she led by way of example.  Grandma never really assumed the role of anything other than, well, being my grandma…but her passion for life and her love for those around her was so extraordinary, it transformed me.

I think that all of us should be thankful for the people we have had in our lives who have influenced and guided us to become the people that we are.  I can never thank my grandma enough for the wonder of her love and the lasting impression her gifts have made on my spirit.

I wanted to share these thoughts because they were on my heart and I hope that perhaps it will inspire you to make a difference in the life of some young person close to you.  I also hope that it sparks some thoughts of someone who has had an amazing impact on your life.  Hey, if they’re still around…call them, e-mail them, or go see them and let them know how important they are to you.  Let them know how thankful you are that they are part of your life.  Let them know how important they have been.

If they have passed, then reflect on the wonderful experience you had with them while they were here with you.  Be grateful and know that they will forever be a part of you becoming the greatest version of yourself that could ever exist.

God, I wish I had one more chance to tell my grandma that I love her.

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8 Responses to “Confession of a Grateful Grandson”

  1. avatar Teri says:

    I was just missing my Grampa yesterday!! I work in a retirement building and I was being grateful for such a rewarding job and was back tracking in my mind to figure out why I so enjoyed it and it went to my Grampa. Looks like your Gramma had a pretty big influence into the man you became. Even if you are an old softy 😉

  2. I was brought up by my grandma and so i quite understand how you feel.
    I dont think we should let other people’s feelings about us affect how we feel about issues that are close to our hearts.
    You are permited to miss her. I still miss mine

  3. Normally, I would attempt to leave a really insightful, extremely relevant comment. I’m going to say right now, that is a hard thing to do when you’ve got tears streaming down your face.

    This, and the posts connected with it were so beautiful, brutal and true. I’m just blown away. I have admittedly personal reasons (Which I am writing about, incidentally Lol) that this hit hard, but…even if I didn’t, this is pure.

  4. avatar Karen Kay says:

    So glad you are brave enough to honor her memory by sharing it with us, Shippey!

    My son spends a lot of time with My Mom (his “Nana”). He loves her so much. I hope he honors her the way you do yours. I plan to share this post with him.

    Hugs to you and in gratitude for her and her love for you,


  5. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Teri –
    Yes, I am indeed an old softy…
    Grandparents can be pretty amazing, and it’s great to hear that one of yours had such a great impact on your life.
    All the best

  6. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Pamela –
    I hope that you hold the best memories close and are grateful for all the times you had together.
    I’m sure that your grandma was a very special person. What a great responsibility bringing up a child!
    Thanks for your comments,

  7. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    TS –
    Sometimes it’s hard to write through the tears as well.
    Thanks for you own heartfelt comments…that always means a lot to me.
    Take care

  8. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    KK –
    I’m thrilled to share as much about my grandma as possible. She was truly amazing!
    I’m certain that your son will honor his Nana in an absolutely perfect way.
    …appreciate the hugs…

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