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Comfortably Numb

Aristotle said, “we are what we repeatedly do”.  He said a lot of stuff, but you know, that was one of his more famous quotes.

I totally agree with him, but I think he could have added “or don’t do” to the end of that statement.

Maybe it wouldn’t have sounded quite as profound or meaningful if he had added my little addendum, but I think I’m right.  As much as our lives are the result of the great habits that we have, we are also subject to suffering through the consequences of the bad ones.

Indeed, we are also what we repeatedly don’t do.

If you are in a position in your life where you wish you had more freedom to do the things you want to do, then let me ask you a very poignant question, why haven’t you achieved that?

It would seem to me that it is pretty important.  It is a very noble goal, and it would bring you great joy.  Any idea as to why you’re not there yet?

Really the only reason that any of us don’t achieve absolutely anything we want in this life is that we are not focused on it and committed to doing it.

Quite frankly, if you aren’t where you want to be or you aren’t doing what you want to do, it’s because you haven’t taken the steps to get there.

If you know exactly what it is you want, and you believe that you deserve it, have faith it will be accomplished and move forward trusting your intuition, you will have it.  Persistence and determination will end in success and achievement.  It’s really that simple.  You just have to do it.

In recent years, some of the teaching about law of attraction has created a bunch of zombie like wannabes.

Folks who sit around day dreaming about wealth and fancy cars and big houses on the beach, but don’t take any action toward becoming more successful or creating abundance.  If you happen to fall into this category, I have a news flash for you; it ain’t gonna happen!  Sitting around and day dreaming your way to wealth and freedom is nothing but wishful thinking, and it’s a losing formula.  Until you do something, nothing is going to happen.

Your mindset is crucial, for sure.  But it is only the foundation for achieving success.  The most important steps you will take will be physical.

Now the cool part is that once you are in tune with your higher purpose and you begin to take inspired action, it won’t necessarily seem like work.  At least not in the old fashioned way that you’ve come to know it.  You will be doing what you were born to do.  Again, you just have to do it.

So think about whether or not you have become stuck in a rut.  It’s easy to lose faith in a goal when you don’t see any results that are moving you closer.  It’s a lot tougher to take that serious look at yourself and your own actions (or lack thereof) in order to determine if you are doing all of the things that you are capable of and which will get you where you want to go.

If you have become distracted and aren’t doing the things necessary to accomplish your desire, the great news is that you can get back on track as quickly as you decide to do so.

Success is ultimately a choice.  You can have it if you’re willing to work for it.  You can achieve anything in this life that your heart desires if you will only pursue it with passion and not quit until you get there.

Remember it this way; dreams are for the dreamers.  Dreams that come true are reserved for the doers.

Reader Feedback

4 Responses to “Comfortably Numb”

  1. avatar Diane says:

    Hi Mike,
    Found you on Twitter through Connie’s #blog30 challenge. Sometimes we can all use a little push to go from the dreaming to the doing. This blog challenge has done that for me. I love this post. It reinforces that if we work toward our goals, we can achieve them. Great inspiration!

  2. I agree 100% Mike. Thanks for the reminder. Time to be more of a “doer” since I have the “dreamer” part down pat! Great post and looking forward to more! Maggie

  3. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Diane –
    Thanks for the comment, I’m sure glad you found the site and that you liked the post!
    The blog challenge is great, and you’re right it forces you to take action.
    It’s real important to remember that the “doing” is what gets things done!

  4. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Maggie –

    It’s great to be a dreamer! Always dream BIG! I have fancied myself a dreamer since I was a kid…

    We just need to remember to chase our dreams with purpose and determination in order to see them come true!

    Take care

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