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Childish Behavior

There is nothing more exciting in life than a child’s enthusiasm.

I’m sure you’ve witnessed the way that children absolutely devour each moment of their lives.  If you have, then you must have been impressed.   Hopefully you were also little inspired.

How many times have you been sitting somewhere watching kids run around and play, and heard an adult say, “I wish I had their energy”.

I think that’s such a funny thing to say because the truth of the matter is we do have their energy.  We all have their energy.  It’s the same energy.  It’s just that the kids have all of the right ideas about how to apply it.

Kids live in a world of limitless potential, and all they know is security, love, forgiveness, faith, and how to laugh and follow their hearts and imaginations.

If only you and I could be more childish every day!

To be childish again in the ways that matter could actually have a profound and significant impact on your life which you may not have even imagined possible.

I believe with all of my heart that the people who have achieved their dreams and are living their lives with purpose are the people who never stopped seeing the world through the eyes of a child.  Successful people dream big and imagine even bigger.  Then, because they aren’t limited by what some other grown up might tell them is not possible, they go out and pursue their desires with relentless passion.  And they laugh about it all the way.  Sure there are a few scraped knees, if you will, along the way…but they get where they are going because they have remained young at heart.  And full of energy!

You can do it, too.  You can take back that spirit of enthusiasm and confidence, and live in the moment each day…claiming the prosperous life that you were meant to experience.

Recently while doing research for my new book, I had the privilege of interviewing Randy Gage.  If you don’t know who Randy is, he is one of the world’s premier prosperity experts.  He is an author, prosperity teacher, ridiculously successful entrepreneur, and the man they call The Millionaire Messiah.  He has earned that name because of his belief that it is a sin to be poor and that each of us is meant to live a prosperous and abundant life.  For more than 20 years he has been helping people dump the limiting beliefs that had previously held them back, and helped them achieve the life of their dreams.  Pretty cool guy.

I asked Randy for his thoughts on whether any of us could live a prosperous and abundant life.  Here’s what he said;

“Yes, I believe prosperity is our birthright and our natural state.  If you look at a baby, young child or a kitten, they demonstrate prosperity in spades.  The programming they receive from the government, organized religion, and the media cause them to believe in lack and limitation…to become prosperous you have to eliminate negative programming and replace it with positive programming”.

Randy is right on.  We need to get back to that limitless life we lived as kids and start re-programming ourselves with positive beliefs.

Beliefs like “It can be done”, “I deserve to be happy”, “Abundance is my birthright” and “Anything is possible”.  It’s more than getting in touch with your inner child…it’s really about getting in touch with who you really are, beneath all that silly adult-like limitation!

Visit Randy’s blog at http://www.randygage.com/blog/.  He always has enlightening and thought-provoking posts.

And in the meantime, start acting a little more like a child…you know, in all those good ways!

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  1. avatar Anges says:

    Wonderful blog Mike. Thank you for writing it. It speaks to my soul and yes, I also love Randy’s raw energy and enthusiasm and the blissful messages that he shares.

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