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Big Decision

Today and every day you can make the conscious decision to be positive.

From the moment you are awake, you can decide that you will look at things optimistically, and that you will be happy.  And when you do this, you will begin to see how wonderful your life is.  You will observe more to be thankful for, and you will experience living in the moment.  You will also be giving those around you a wonderful gift.

And it really is that simple.

It doesn’t always seem to be simple however, because most of us have become accustom to allowing the circumstances and people around us to have the most influence over how we feel.

The key is to first understand that you don’t have to react any certain way to anything.  The way you are choosing to react to the events around you is mostly habitual.  You have learned to react a certain way by doing it over and over.  So it stands to reason that if you could change the way you reacted to situations, and began to create new patterns, you could develop better habits.  And eventually, you would feel much better about yourself and the life you are living.

It is definitely something that you have to be aware of in order for it to work.

I have been teaching people the power of positive thinking for years.  And fortunately for me, I have also been able to practice it, even in challenging times.

When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2006, it was a sobering time for us to say the least.  Just as it is difficult for anyone who has faced this battle.

My wife and I actually have a wonderful story of how we came to be together;  we were high school sweethearts who also dated for a couple of years in college, but then ended up going our separate ways when we were 20 years old, even though we were still very much in love (crazy, right?).  Eleven years after we said goodbye and had both gone through other marriages, we were brought together again (by destiny, of course) and the rest, as they say, is history!   We have always considered ourselves to be the truest of soulmates.   The day after Father’s Day that fateful year, sitting across the desk from a somber doctor and hearing the news suddenly put us in touch with our mortality.  Our human experience is of course limited here on earth, but I have to say at that point of our journey, it hadn’t really been a concern of ours.  Now it was.

There were more than a few mornings when I woke up that I wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep and not face the world.  That was my initial thought.  But then I realized that I had a lot more control over the situation, and that I had a family as well as a lot of other people who counted on me.

I made the conscious decision to be happy, to face the challenges with confidence, and to be a shining example of strength and optimism to all who I came into contact with.

I didn’t realize how valuable this daily decision truly was until months later.

My wife, who is my hero for the determination and courage she showed in fighting her way through this blip on her radar, told me how I was her rock and foundation throughout the experience.  Until she said that, I had no idea.  I was actually looking to her for an example of strength…and yet because of my decision to be positive, I was the biggest light in her world.  Wow.

We hadn’t told a lot of people what we were dealing with at first, and those that I worked with were absolutely stunned when they heard what we had been through.  To an individual, the staff of people that I was responsible for managing said that they would never have guessed I was dealing with that at home because I was a constant positive force that inspired them on a daily basis.  Again, I almost did this without realizing it.  All because of a 5 second decision every morning.

Many of you are dealing with difficult situations, and some may be even more grave or fatal than mine was.  Of course, I am only using an example of one specific time where I recognized the power of attitude.  I can tell you that no matter the severity of your circumstance, the negativity that may be surrounding you, it is something that you have the ability to get through.

It will make you stronger, and you will have the greatest impact possible on this world and those you come in contact with, if you choose to be positive and happy every single day.  Take those moments each morning before you jump into your daily adventure to focus and put yourself in the right mindset.  Reality is what you make it.  And you can make it anything you want it to be.  You just have to start doing it.

It’s one of those habits that’s really worth having.

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2 Responses to “Big Decision”

  1. Mike… I don’t know of very many people that don’t go through a “Crisis” moment some time in their life time. Mine came when my husband left his family some 18 years ago. Some how we got through it… one step and one decision at a time.

    I have four great kids and 15 wonderful grands. Sometimes, I look back and wonder how we got through it. One thing I observe, now that I’m on this side of our trial, is the tremendous support we gave each other… even though we didn’t recognize it at the time.

    Obviously, your support and attitude assisted your wife in her healing process.

    Yes… we can all make the decision to get out of bed and move forward… but it sure makes it a lot easier if we’re supported by a loved one or friend.

    I have to remind myself that even a small deed or consideration toward someone else who is pain can make a huge difference for their recovery. It may make the difference in whether they can get up in the morning and say… “I can do this hard thing.”

  2. avatar Mike Shippey says:

    Kathy –

    It is wonderful to hear how all of you came through that tough time and that you are doing so well!

    You make a great point about support for others. All of us can make a world of difference by having the right mindset and spreading the love! In our situation which I talk about in the post, aside from being there for my family, I was also able to have a real positive influence in the lives of the other people that I was around every day, just by taking the time to get my own attitude right. What a blessing!

    Thanks so much for your insightful comments

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