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Believe You Me

Belief in yourself and belief in your own ability to be, do, or have whatever you desire, is ultimately what will get you to that point.

Have you ever listened to the people who have accomplished amazing things in this life?  I mean really listened to them?

Whether it’s an athlete who wins an award or championship trophy, a movie star who accepts an Oscar, or the kid who takes 1st place in the 8th grade science fair,  they all sound a lot alike when describing their monumental achievements.

They say things like, “No one thought I could ever do this”, “They said I was too slow”, “My friends told me I should stop believing in fairy tales”, or any number of statements that sound similar to one of those.

But to the people who end up winning in life, succeeding at the highest levels, giving the most back to the world around them, or just proving that they can do something beyond what might have seemed physically possible, it never really mattered what anyone else thought.  It never even mattered what anyone else said.  It only mattered what they believed in their own hearts and focused on in their own minds.

That powerful focus that comes from inside you, and that just knows you will achieve your goal is what ends up getting it done!

If there is one common trait that stands out most and shines the brightest among all of the successful people that I have studied, it is the faith and confidence all of them have in themselves.

It’s easy to talk a big game.  However, I believe that most people say they’re going to accomplish big things merely to hear themselves talk, and not to actually proclaim victory of a vision they’ve seen in their mind’s eye.  Most people throw their goal out there, almost without realizing it, so that others will instinctively shoot them down.  And once the excuses have been made known, the person who sounded so bold in the beginning simply starts to accept those limiting beliefs and then uses them as their own reasons for never even trying.

The bottom line – you are exactly who you think you are.  You can do exactly what you know you can do.  And you will be exactly who you believe you will be.

Most of us have heard how the mind is indeed incredibly powerful, but it something entirely different for any of us to actually tap into it.  Those who do will experience the magic of life to the fullest.  I tell people that if they will believe in themselves, and believe that they are worthy, whatever they focus on with all of their mind and pursue with all of their heart, they will achieve.

And the crazy thing is, that formula works in all of our lives whether we’re positive or negative, happy or sad, focused or undisciplined.  We end up getting what we think about most, and we accomplish what we believe we can accomplish.  Nothing more.

Your destiny is written on the walls of your heart, and your greatest achievements will be whatever fills your mind and fuels your desire.  Even if it’s nothing.

Believe it or not…

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One Response to “Believe You Me”

  1. avatar Jeff Wise says:

    I have to say…I love coming here to read the blog posts, Mike. Always so timely for me.

    My wife and I have been more and more positive about the direction our business is going.

    No more daydreaming though, right? Vision with action!

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