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Believe In You

I found a short but great inspirational poem about believing in yourself that I thought I’d share.  You may have read it before, but even if you have, take a look at it again and see if you can pick up anything that you may have missed.

If you haven’t read it, soak it up and see how it speaks to you.  It was written by Lili Dauphin and she was obviously inspired when she wrote it.

Believing in yourself is a requirement if you’re going to experience growth and achievement in your life in any truly meaningful way.

I was having a great conversation with a colleague of mine recently about the importance of self confidence.  We talked about how belief in self is really where everything starts when it comes to achieving success in your life or manifesting prosperity of any kind.

At the heart of everything you seek needs to be a die hard belief that you are capable, worthy, powerful and prepared to accomplish anything your heart desires.

You can’t fool yourself, for sure.  You really have to believe in YOU!

After all, you’re the only one who will always be there for you.  Think that one through…

Here’s the poem:

In Myself I Must Believe

The road may be long, In myself I must believe, Because my heart is strong

The mountain may be steep, In myself I must believe, Therefore I will not weep

In the face of adversity, In myself I must believe, I’m the master of my destiny

When facing an angry wave, In myself I must believe, Because I’ll always be brave

In spite of life’s complexity, In myself I must believe, Because I will trust serenity

I’ll always do my best to strive, For in myself I’ll always believe, Because my soul is joyful and alive

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