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Be Exceptional

There are plenty of things that you can do on the job which will make you more successful.  One of the most valuable things you can ever do is make yourself indispensable.

It sounds like a daunting task, I know.

The truth is that you can begin to separate yourself from others within your business or organization by doing something real simple, but which can develop into long term habits of success, and you can start doing it right away.

The first step is to make a minor shift in your mental outlook.

You have to understand that while you are at work you have two choices; you can give it everything you’ve got with 100% focus and effort, or you can choose something less than that.  If you choose something less, then you will have become part of the expendable crowd.  Average.  Maybe even good.  But not anywhere near exceptional.

Now you might say that it isn’t possible to give 100% effort every single day, and I would tell you that you should try it and see.  If you want to be extraordinary, then add the “extra” to your “ordinary” and do it.

If you will grasp the mindset, and apply yourself, you will soon develop habits that will be very tough to ignore.  And more importantly, habits that will lead you to success.

I always tell my people, “while you’re on the clock…be exceptional”

It’s a choice and the alternative is just wasting time and opportunity.  Take advantage of the chance to make yourself the absolute best you can be.

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  1. avatar Geoff says:

    You have, of course, started collecting your sales and business wisdom into a book? You have put a proposal in about it? To a publishing company that will give you a 7 figure advance? At least?

    If you need a guest chapter, I would be proud to participate.

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