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Are You Insane?

InsaneHere’s one you’ve heard before: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity”.  If you are in sales, you no doubt have heard it a hundred times.

Actually, I’m now starting to think that the real definition of insanity might be hearing that definition of insanity and still doing absolutely nothing differently.  Doesn’t that sound like craziness to you?

To illustrate – I was in a training meeting not long ago, where I was talking with some of my brightest sales people about this very topic.  As they were taking turns going around the room discussing it, they figured out that all of them had sat through countless meetings where this classic little diddy was uttered, and yet none of them had really done anything about it.  Oh sure, it sounds great;  “You want different results?  Then do something different!”  The question became, how many people actually decide to do something different in order to get different and better results?  Anything?  We all know that we have to take some sort of action, but we always seem to fall back into the same old comfortable habits.  And get the same old comfortable results.  Straight jackets for everyone!

That particular meeting led to a great discussion about the mind, the power of positive attitude, and some general principles of the law of attraction.  It was the first time I have been able to talk to my current staff about such things in a group setting, and we have decided that we need to have more meetings involving this type of teaching.  I can hardly wait!

So maybe you’re in a position where you need to get better results and you know you need to do something different in order to accomplish this.  You’re just not sure what that something is.  If you’re in sales and you’ve tried the various ways to identify your best customers or the world’s greatest closing techniques or maybe the sure fire steps to effective time management,  you may not be sure what to do.  I don’t blame you.  I mean,  this business of being successful can be confusing!

Or maybe you’re working on a relationship, whether it be with a friend or significant other, and you just can’t figure out why the other person won’t change to be exactly how you want them to be, in spite of your insightful suggestions almost every day…that can be frustrating as well.  Okay, I was being a little sarcastic there, but I think you get the point.

No matter what the situation, I am suggesting that there is a skill set which all of us possess, including you, that will enable you to get different and better results in any area of your life that you apply it to.  It just needs to be worked on like anything else.

It starts in your mind.  You first have to determine the results you want.  You may have a sales goal related to the development of a number of new clients, or you may have a monetary goal for yourself.  Either way, you need to determine exactly what that goal is, and be clear about it.  In fact, I suggest you write it down.

If your goal involves strengthening a relationship, you need to be very clear about what you want.  Again, I say, write it down.  Keep it with you so you can refer to it often.

I have notepads that I carry with me in my car, or in my briefcase which describe everything from “my perfect day” to the specific goals I have for the week.  I look at them and read them and make sure that they stay top of mind.  Do likewise.

So first,  get clear about what it is you want.

Next, you need to practice believing in yourself.  Yes, I said practice.  Amazingly enough, the lack of belief in ourselves is a weakness that we can’t easily identify.  And if we are not faithful to put time and effort into eliminating it, it will never go away.

SuccessDo you believe in yourself?  You certainly should.  You can do amazing things, and when you start believing in yourself, you will start achieving amazing results.  I promise you.

The next skill that you possess, but which you may not have ever used is called visualization.  You need to visualize yourself accomplishing your goal.  Anyone who has ever achieved anything worthy has pictured themselves doing so.  Whether they were an athlete, an artist, a writer, a salesperson, a scientist, a fireman, or a parent…they all saw themselves in their own minds doing something special.  And then they did it.

Visualization sounds difficult.  But it’s not.  You do it all the time.  You probably just don’t visualize the right stuff.  Put those daydreams to work for you!  Start picturing your purposeful results.

After you have clearly defined your goal, decided that you can accomplish it by believing in yourself, started pictured yourself doing it, you now need to add feeling to it.  You need to get in touch with how you would feel once your goal was accomplished.  Yes, it requires a little imagination, but you’ve had that tool available to you since you were a kid…remember?  Feel successful.  Feel important.  Feel good about yourself.

And then comes the kicker – the one that puts it all in play….follow your own lead.  You will  become inspired to do certain things.  Just act on them.  Don’t hesitate.  As Nike says, “Just do it”.  Make it happen.  This is how you can create great and wonderful results in any area of your life, anytime you want.

To review quickly:

  1. Set a clear goal – make it specific and write it down
  2. Believe in yourself – know that you can accomplish this goal
  3. Visualize yourself achieving  – picture it happening, over and over
  4. Feel good – start to feel the feeling of accomplishment
  5. Take inspired action – follow yourself to greatness

There’s your outline.  No matter what it is you want to accomplish, there’s the secret sauce to make it happen.  So, now it’s up to you.  You can continue to do things the way you have to this point and keep hoping that something better will happen, or you can take control of yourself, your job, your relationships, your life, and start to make a difference.  Just in case you’re wondering, the definition of sanity is “soundness of mind”.  Sounds good to me.

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