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Any Idea How Powerful Your Thoughts Are?

If you were to see your mind as a perfect creative force, bringing into physical existence all of those things that you consistently focused on, would it change the way you think?

You have probably heard the phrase, “garbage in, garbage out” applied to the mind of man.  It was a phrase used in early days of computer science eluding to the fact that computers will process whatever information you put into them, and correspondingly spit out a result based on that information.  So, if you put nonsensical data in, you would get nonsensical data out.

Our minds work much the same way.  Those things that you focus on most and give your mental energy to, end up playing out as the physical events in your own life.  As crazy as that might sound at first, if you were to give it some serious consideration, I would bet that you could find countless examples in your past where this formula has played out.

For me, it was a scary realization. I started remembering some of the most significant moments in my existence, good and bad, and realized that a huge amount of mental energy and emotion has been dedicated to those people, places and things before they ever manifested in my reality.

The first time I was ever exposed to the idea that our thoughts could become actual things was about 21 years ago when I first read the classic Napoleon Hill book, “Think and Grow Rich“.  At the time I wasn’t fully grasping the depth and genius of the book, but I did think it was an interesting idea.  I didn’t take it too seriously, and it wouldn’t be until a few years later that I actually started to understand it and began to apply it to my personal life.  This is when I began to account for the major events which I had previously attributed to random “fate”.

And it was at that time that I began to realize the control each of us has over the physical creative process.  Like I mentioned earlier, it is a little scary, and it does take a bold  and open mind to start down that road.  But, as the saying says, “fortune favors the bold”.  It is a trip well worth taking if you have never considered the awesome power of human potential.

Back to “Think and Grow Rich”…a lot of folks have read the book.  And I would venture to say that a whole bunch of them have not grasped the depth or genius contained in the pages either.  Much like me the first time I read it, they probably thought of it as novelty, and made no attempt to apply the principles.  Or perhaps they comprehended the potential greatness contained in the pages, but just set it aside for another day.  This would explain the relationship between the huge number of copies of the book that have been sold over the years and the subsequent lack of multimillionaires walking in our midst.  I say it that way because simply reading about something won’t actually make you any more or less successful, no matter how awesome a reading experience it might be.  It is the application of the ideas that start to make a tangible difference.  Knowledge that is never applied is no more powerful than ignorance practiced religiously.

I heard a speaker once say that he asked a room full of people who were attending a self-help seminar to raise their hands if they had read “Think and Grow Rich”.  Almost every single person in the room raised their hand.  He then followed with the obvious question, “how many of you are rich?”  And not a hand was lifted.  Point well made.

The mind is extremely creative and as such it is also extremely powerful.  If you can focus on a goal with specificity and emotion and follow the direction that you are inspired to move in, you can literally accomplish anything that you want.  Including, but certainly not limited to, becoming rich.  But again, the key is to actually do something with the knowledge.

Knowing that the mind is so powerful is definitely great information to have.  Knowing what to do with that information can be life changing.

Pay attention to your thoughts.  Make sure that they serve you in the most positive way.  And understand that whatever you give the most attention to, you are very likely to create and experience in some fashion.   The more specific your thoughts and the more emotion that you back them up with, the greater their likelihood of manifestation.

There’s another great saying that says “energy flows where attention goes”.  Remember that your mind is literally a force of nature, with the ability to create in a positive or negative manner.  Fear and jealousy can be nearly as powerful as faith and love if they are what any of us constantly focus on.

Ideas and dreams are not little weak entities that float away like the clouds, but rather they are the canvas on which each of us will paint our life’s destiny.  I like to reference the succinct words of author and speaker Mike Dooley who says quite often, “thoughts become things”.

Now is a perfect time to begin thinking about those things you truly wish to create, and directing your focus toward your dreams, desires, and goals.

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