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Alzheimer’s A to Z

Without question, one of the most painful experiences of my life was watching my grandma slowly die from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Many of you who read the blog have read my posts about my grandma, and if you have, you know what an amazing individual she was, and how much influence she had on my life.

I can’t possibly say those things enough or in enough ways to ever do her justice, so I’m going to rant again…just a little bit.

My grandma was one of the most vibrant and wonderful people who has ever lived.  She was full of light and life and made every person who was ever around her for more than a few minutes richer for that experience.  She could light up a room with her smile, or even light up your life!  She was an incredibly humble person who always made time for whatever was most important to those around her.

She was funny and she loved to laugh.  She was wise and she loved to teach.  She was interesting and experienced and she loved to talk.

In the end, she couldn’t do any of those things.  She would smile, and she would occasion blow a kiss your way, but ultimately she was rendered speechless, expressionless, and a prisoner trapped inside her own body and what was left of her mind.

I have never understood the disease, and it seems a fate particularly cruel for all who have had to endure it.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to have once been so bright and bold and beautiful, and then quiet and confused, frustrated and alone.

For the last six years of my grandma’s life here on earth, my mother cared for her.  24 hours a day and nearly every single day of those six years.

I probably don’t have to tell you that it was painful watching that as well.  I feared that I was losing my mother and my grandmother, because I thought at one point my mother might actually just go insane, having taken on such an incredible responsibility.

But, alas, my mother has the true heart of a care giver, and was able to not only get through it, but managed to allow my grandmother a peaceful journey and a graceful passing from this world, in spite of the wicked disease that so often renders its victims a death with little or no dignity.

It’s an amazing story and one that my mother wanted to share.  She ended up writing about the entire experience in an e-book.  She wrote it as a how-to guide for anyone who might take on the noble responsibility of caring for a loved one, and in the book she really talks about everything you need to know when dealing with Alzheimer’s.

It’s also an awesome story about a daughter’s love for her mother. This personal relationship is intertwined throughout the book, giving it an honest human element and allowing the reader to understand the emotions, frustrations, good times and bad that will be experienced throughout the entire ordeal.

I created a real simple landing page where you can go to get the book.  It’s a book that was written from the heart, giving a first hand account of all that anyone will face and deal with throughout the battle against Alzheimer’s.  It’s an absolute must read for anyone who is taking on the challenge, has dealt with the disease in some shape or fashion, or for anyone who loves to read stories about the power of the human spirit, the power of love, and triumph in the face of the greatest adversity.  Here’s the page: Alzheimer’s A to Z: A Caregiver’s Story

Some of you knew my grandma, and some of you also know my Mother.  Without trying to sound presumptuous, you should absolutely read the book, because it will touch you in a very special way, knowing the characters involved like you do.

If you never knew my grandma, and haven’t read what I’ve written about her before, here are some links to posts that will give you some greater insight:

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I truly encourage you to get your copy of the e-book.  You may laugh, and you may cry, but you will certainly come away with new knowledge, a new perspective, and a new appreciation in your heart.  If you are in a situation where you are taking on Alzheimer’s, you will be as prepared as possible after having gone through the pages of this amazing account.

Once again, here’s the link to the e-book: Alzheimer’s A to Z: A Caregiver’s Story

May this e-book bring you knowledge, joy and many blessings in your life.  Maybe blessings you would never have expected from a book like this.

And to my Grandma, once more time, thanks for everything!

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