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If you’re going to do something meaningful, then do it with everything you have within yourself.  Otherwise, don’t bother.

That’s my version of the Hunter S. Thompson quote “anything worth doing is worth doing right”.  And I say not only is it worth doing right, but it is worthy of your best and most soulful effort.

Mediocrity is the result most consistent with half-hearted attempts.  When I was growing up, my father would refer to it as doing something “half-assed”.  If you look hard enough, you can actually find a definition for “half-assed”, and basically it means doing something without energy or enthusiasm.

If you have not made the decision to pursue what you are most passionate about in life, then I would say to you that you are not truly living.  At least not as fully and wonderfully as you should be.  And in the same breath I would tell you that if you do decide to chase your dreams and follow your heart, you have to do it with energy and enthusiasm, and everything else you’ve got inside you.  You need to be fully vested in the process from start to finish.  All in.

Recently I had the chance to interview Pat O’Bryan for a book that I am writing.  Pat is the CEO of Practical Metaphysics in Wimberly, Texas.  He is also a speaker and best-selling author.  His book “Your Portable Empire” is one of the most inspirational and powerful books you will ever read.  But only if you’re into the whole do what you’re most passionate about and have total freedom in your life, otherwise, not a good book for you. (How’s that for reverse psychology?)  In addition to all that, Pat is an extremely accomplished internet marketer and internet marketing coach, the founder of MilagroWorld online, and to top it off…a really cool dude!  Visit his blog at to see what he is up to lately.

During the interview, I asked Pat for the one piece of advice he would want someone to have, once they decided to pursue their dreams.  He answered, “If you’re going to do something, do it with all of your heart, all of your energy, as if your life depended on it, and as if ultimate failure was impossible”.

Wow.  Doesn’t that sound like the only way you would ever want to pursue something worthy?  Inspiring words for sure, and with great meaning.

So now imagine that thing that you want to pursue in your life.  The game-changer.  That one special something thing that gets your internal fire burning and makes you think, “Man, if I could do this, my life would be AWESOME!”   Do you have it in mind?  Okay, now it is your responsibility to make it happen!  And make you sure you pursue it the way Pat explained it.

With all of your heart

This is the only way that you can ever do something the way it was meant to be done.  In other words, if you are not totally involved in the process with all of the internal resources that you have, then the final outcome will be something far less than worthy.  And this could be anything from making a pastrami sandwich to opening up a gift shop.  You get out of any effort exactly what you put into it.   So here’s the obvious question…why would any of us EVER give it less than EVERYTHING we have when trying to accomplish something meaningful in our lives? If you want a result that is worthy of your best life, then invest your whole heart in the process.

With all of your energy

We are all spiritual beings, and as such are made up of energy.   That energy can be extremely powerful when it is focused.   When you lack focus, energy dissipates, and then you end up wasting a lot of it.  To focus is really to be present.  If you will operate in the moment, and concentrate on whatever it is you are seeking to accomplish, then you will be using your energy most efficiently.

As if your life depended on it

Talk about urgency.  But what a powerful way to look at it.  In fact, a very real sense, your best life or the life you are meant to lead, really does depend on your success with achieving those things you are most passionate about.  There are not any errors in our existence.  You feel strongly about a certain thing, are able to imagine it accomplished, and come fully equipped with the talent and ability to do it for a reason.  YOU are counting on you…

As if ultimate failure was impossible

In order to be truly successful, you have to operate with this mindset.  You have to understand that failure in the short term is just part of the successful formula.  You have to know that the only thing that separates the people who have realized their dreams and those who haven’t is that the people who have realized their dreams never stopped pursuing them.  If you will keep going and if you will not accept defeat…if you will persevere no matter what happens, you WILL be successful.  Ultimate failure is impossible!

These are some words to live by.  See you at the finish line!

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