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A Subtle Shift in Power

Have you ever noticed how resilient you become when you absolutely have to do something?

Think about it.

When you don’t have any other choice but to get it done…you become one seriously persistent chick or dude!  And, as a result of this, it gets done.

Whatever it is that you decide has to be done will ultimately get done.  And the reason is because you just don’t stop until you’ve achieved your goal.  It could be fixing the leak in your water main, finding that special pair of earrings, climbing to the top of a mountain, getting an A on your final exam, or finishing up the sales presentation for your boss.  Whatever it is, when it has to get done…it gets done.

This should be very encouraging to you.

You are an awesome achiever.  You have drive and passion.  You can undoubtedly accomplish anything you set your mind to.

The issue for you, assuming you’re like all the rest of us, is that you don’t place that high of a priority on your own desires or dreams.

Sure, you’d love to create that business for yourself so you could work from home, and you imagine yourself getting around to that one of these days.  And of course you want to do that thing that you love to do every single day, so that waking up and “going to work” isn’t the most depressing thought you have, and again, you’ll get around to it as soon as you can find some time.

Sound familiar?

It seems that we put the things we care about most, like freedom, time with our family, financial security, or living with passion on the big back burner of life, and somehow find the energy to focus and obsess over the things that are far more trivial in the grand scheme, but are pretty damn important to us in the day-to-day.  And because we attack those “real life” things with unbridled vivacity and a determination that will not allow us to quit, they get accomplished.  Hell, we won’t even allow ourselves to think about quitting.  It simply isn’t an option.

How does that make you feel?

That kind of determination and never-say-die attitude, albeit sometimes under pressure or in spite of what we’d rather be doing, is exactly how anything (and everything) gets done in this life.  From the smallest conquest to the fulfillment of the grandest dream, things get done when we decide that there are no other options, and we move forward until the task is complete.

And if I’ve learned anything from my own life experience, it is this: We can do absolutely anything we have to do.  We will do some of what we need to do.  And we do very little of what we ought to do.

So if your ultimate goal and desire is merely something you think you should do, you can just keep dreaming about it.  If it’s something you know you need to do, good luck with that as well.  Only when it becomes the thing you have to do will it get done.  And then it will it be the thing you did.  How awesome will that be?

You know how good you feel when you’re put in a tough spot and you end up getting the job done, right?  And usually, that ends up being something which helps someone else or makes that someone else look better, right?  That feeling will be multiplied times 1,000 when you take that insane work ethic and apply it to your own specific dream.

Redirect your doggedness and dedication toward that which you are most passionate about, and it actually becomes even more powerful.  It’s the secret of the ages when it comes to achieving anything you want in your life.  Don’t quit.  Don’t even think about quitting.  Give yourself no other options other than making it happen.  And it will happen.

Now go do it.

Reader Feedback

3 Responses to “A Subtle Shift in Power”

  1. avatar Danny says:

    Thanks Mike. I was just thinking about that today. How good I will feel when I complete all 31 days of the ultimate blog challenge. No matter what, I am going to complete all 31 posts.

  2. avatar Pat Altvater says:

    You are so right….that happened to me. I wanted to make my dream business profitable but it wasn’t until it became do or die for me, that I finally did what I needed to do to make that happen. I could have done it three years earlier, but I wasn’t up against the wall. Wish I had read your post earlier. Keep up the good work!

  3. avatar Karen Kay says:

    Way cool thinking! I know our buddy Craig Perrine likes to call our “to do” list a “get to do” list… but I think this may be a little more powerful.

    We have to do it as if our life depended on it. Puts a real punch in it!

    We “get to” and we Have to.


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