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A Little Magic

Are you ready for a challenge?  It’s not a ridiculously hard one, and it’s not one that will take you more than 48 hours…but it’s one that has a really cool payoff.  Are you interested?

Okay…try this little experiment for two days.

peopleWhoever you interact with; at home, at work, at the grocery store, in church, at school, on the street corner, or wherever…interact with kindness and love in your heart.  Look for the goodness in every single person that you speak with.  Greet everyone with a smile, and make sure you say something authentically nice to them before you part ways.  Just allow yourself to really enjoy the time you have to spend with these fellow travelers on the journey.

Seriously.  Try it tomorrow, and then try it the next day.  That’s it.

The experiment part is this:  Check yourself after a couple of days and see how you feel.  See if you feel better, happier, more thankful, and more in sync, or perhaps worse, mad, sad, or just “blah”.  Actually, if it’s any of those last four, I suggest you try the experiment for a month and a half…

I think what you’ll find, in fact, I know what you’ll find is that you’ll start to uncover that feeling of love and passion for life that may have been buried deep inside you for a long, long time.  You’ll get a glimpse into the real you, the one who wants to exist every single day.  I know you’re going to feel good and it’s going to be a bit addicting.  If you’re having some fun, then try it for three days, or maybe for a week.

Now I will warn you, it’s easy to fall out of the spirit.  It’s easy to slide right back into the rut you’ve probably been stuck in, or the grind you’ve become used to as you go through the motions of your day to day.  So guard against that.  Stay conscious of what you’re experiencing in each moment.  Focus on the positive, and feel the blessing of life.

The real miracle of life is that if you’re looking for the good stuff…you’ll find it.  It’s literally all around you, all the time.

My hope is that you start to experience peace, love, and happiness, and that you become hooked.  I hope you want to do this stuff every day for the rest of your life.

Just give it two days.  See if there is such thing as magic…

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